To dream of warts on your left hand is a sign you will receive some money; if they are on the right hand, it foretells that you will pay away money: to dream of a wart on the nose, signifies that you will be distinguished; on the neck or bosom of a female, denotes riches.… Read More

Fir tree

Dream about the fir tree or a spruce forest is an excellent omen. The appearance of fir tree in dreams usually clarifies the resulting prediction. The importance and quality of their foliage, their size or site where is located and how is surrounded, are criteria that help determine the prediction for the near future. Fir… Read More


If you dream that you are having some kind of alcohol such as gin, it means that you wish to relax or escape the problems you have. The gin could also show that you are very shy person and you need to use some of the alcohol in order to communicate with others easily. To… Read More


To dream of arming yourself with a pistol foretells that you will lose caste, and perhaps become poor; if a girl dreams that her lover carries a pistol, she may be sure that he is below her in social life, and therefore an unpropitious or unsuitable match.


The evil that is seen in the dream is interpreted as the nightmare. Sometimes the situations that are out of control causes these kind of dreams. The stress that was caused in the past or the fears that were had in the childhood are seen in the dreams as well, because the dreamer didn’t get… Read More


To dream that you’re working on a desk indicates bad luck and futile efforts. If you find money on top of your desk, then it indicates hardship, poverty and various other problems. To dream about something that has been written incompletely in such desk suggests that you have to put more attention to your matters.… Read More


When we dream of such dogs as belong to us, it signifies fidelity, courage and affection; but if we dream of those which belong to strangers, it means infamous enemies. To dream that a dog barks and tears our garments, betokens some enemy of mean condition slanders us, or endeavours to deprive us of our… Read More