To be alone in bed, hazard. To see a well-made bed indicates safety. To see the pillows burn in the bed without being consumed, good sign for the children who are the owners of the bed. To burn one’s bed or see the bed that is burning means damage, sickness, or illness to the dreamer’s… Read More


Symbolizes energy, light, heat, life, irradiation, and brightness, that is to say, everything that is good. Dream with a rising sun indicates the beginning of an increased happiness and prosperity. If the sun is clear and splendorous, then it announces abundance, success, prosperity, health, inner energy and physical and mental abilities. An obscured sun or… Read More


To leap one or to cross it using a plank, means that hidden enemies might come to you and try to destroy your work. If the dreamer is in love with a lady, she will deceive him while provoking an unknown rival. Fall into a ditch means some injury from unexpected situation.


To dream of having twins, brings good news, and is a sign of honour or riches; it is also a good omen in love matters if a man dreams it, but if a girl has this dream she must look out for the boys. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 44, 4.


To see your own nose in a dream resembles a conscious effort to undertake and reach any objective. The nose represents energy, intuition, and wisdom. On the other hand, the nose symbolizes curiosity to learn more about a current situation. To dream that your nose’s hair grows indicates some extraordinary facts that need to be… Read More


Should anybody be so foolish as to dream that they are created a Duke, an Earl, or that they have conferred upon them any patent of nobility, it is a sign of shiftlessness and poverty. If a girl dreams that a lord is in love with her, she will be apt to marry a shiftless… Read More