To dream that you are painting something means that you are exploring the creative aspects of your personality. If you are painting the house, the walls or any other part of the building, it means that you are creating the space that is comfortable to be in. If you or other person is painting the… Read More

Motor boat

If you are looking at the motorboat, then such dream indicates the fact that you are thinking about various changes in your waking life. If you are in the motorboat and you are the one who controls it, it means that you are going through life and already doing some major changes that is making… Read More


This dream usually implies that there’s a yearning to travel in the dreamer and to change the routine in which he lives (take a vacation, change of address or employment, and find other businesses or even other affections and love). The chances that this wish will come true in a short-term, depends on the symbols… Read More