If you dream of rescuing any one from peril, it is a sign you will rise in the world, either by means of increased wealth, or new honours; to dream that you are rescued from drowning or from any other mode of death, shows that you will go into some successful business speculation with a… Read More


(See Candles.) To dream of snuffing out a candle, is a sign of a death in the family: if you imagine that you snuff it too short, without putting it out, it foretells that you will do something that will make a female friend shed tears. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 40.


To dream that you see a whale means that you think of being aware. The dream may also show that you have a perfect connection with your spirituality. Alternatively, the whale can indicate something in your waking life that is too hard to handle. Maybe you have too big project or you are unable to… Read More