Dreaming of lying in order to avoid responsibilities implies that the dreamer’s conscience is accusing the dreamer of having inappropriate thoughts. Dreaming of lying to protect someone implies that one’s behavior is leading to gossip and criticism which will affect the dreamer. Dreaming about other people lying, insinuates that there are some acquaintances who will… Read More


If you are obedient in your dream, then such dream signifies the fact that you are the very hard working person who is going to do well in his job. If other people are obedient to you, then it means they will help you to improve in your various affairs. When you dream about disobedience,… Read More


To dream of being on the water, is good, if the water be clear; but if muddy or troubled, the reverse. To see a wide expanse of water, over or on which you wish to get, but cannot, shows that you are about to embark in some undertaking without first securing the means of success.… Read More