When you dream about the axe, then such dream indicates the reward you will receive because of the great work you did, only if it is sharp and shiny. The broken axe or the dull one, foretells about losses and desperations the dreamer will suffer.

Alarm clock

To dream that you hear an alarm clock in your dream could simply be heard the ringing of an actual alarm clock. This is very common dream for everyone. If you dream that your alarm clock went off and you over slept some important meeting, means that you are being afraid to oversleep and miss… Read More


The dream in which you see various letters of the alphabet signifies the desire to find the solution for some problem. The letters are also symbolism of unknowingness that is lurking for you. If the alphabet that is seen is in your dream is written in unknown language, then you will face some kind of… Read More


When you dream of the abortion, then such dream indicates some kind of problems, but only if you are the female. For a man, it is different explanation which signifies minor troubles within his family affair or business. Overall, the abortion signifies the failures you will meet while dealing with various things in your life… Read More


The airplane could simply indicate your waking life when you have a flight or will have one soon. The airplane is also a symbol of freedom and our ability to be in the group. The airplane that is controlled by you, signifies your ability to manage your own life. If the flight goes smoothly, it… Read More

American Idol

If you dream that you take the part in American Idol show, then this dream indicates your desire to be accepted, seen and noticed. There are some parts of your life that must be appreciated by others because of the things you do. The act that didn’t go well during the American Idol show signifies… Read More


The ants in dreams represent the hard work, discipline, the will to follow the instructions and ability to work with others. The dream about ants shows how hard working person you are and how much of the effort you put into anything you do. All off the positive meanings of this dream could be applied… Read More


To dream that you are in some kind of the accident, means that you are afraid of acting in some phases of your life. You are the person who thinks more pessimistically then optimistically. Sometimes the accident could indicate the dreamer’s fear of being unlucky. You have to stop thinking in the bad way, because… Read More


To dream that you are abandoned means that you are feeling left out and unwanted in your waking life. Perhaps there is some situation or person which makes you feel unnecessary. The dream suggests to be more confident and trust yourself, only then you will be appreciated by others.


If you dream about your arm being injured, then it could show various things such as you don’t think you belong in society, or you don’t know how to fit in it, or you simply feel unneeded by those you love. The arm could also signify the fact that you wish to do more than… Read More


If you dream of the airplane, then such dream indicates your desire to be free. If you are the pilot of the airplane, then it shows that you are the leader of your life. The airplane could also indicate the fact that your life will have either its ups or downs. The airplane crash or… Read More

Authority figure

The authority figure in dreams indicate the certain person in your waking life who has the power in controlling your life. This person has an ability to make the decisions you wish to make yourself or the power to control you in all aspects of your life. However, the dream may have a positive meaning,… Read More


If you dream about the atlas, then it shows the fact that you will go out of your comfort zone, or you wish to escape your current situation. The atlas could also show that you are the person who is very open minded for different opinions and views.


If you see something being very ugly and even disgusting, then you should be aware of the dangers that are lurking for you. If in the dream you haven’t felt very much of distastefulness and ugliness, but were only minor stressed, then it means that you will overcome all of your problems and there is… Read More


To dream of the alligator is a symbol of harshness you are carrying with yourself. You are the person who is very tough while making the certain decisions, therefore you dream about alligator. This explanation could be applied not only to you, but to people you are surrounded by as well.

Academy Awards

If you dream that you have got an Academy Award, means that you feel appreciated, acknowledged and necessary by those around you. You are doing great in relationships with your family and/or achieving wonderful results at your work. If you attend the Academy Awards, it means that you are in the state of waiting to… Read More


The different animals have different meanings in the dreams. The animal that is seen in the dream being angry and aggressive one shows these features in your personality. Perhaps you have some suppressed anger issues that haven’t been showed for others for a long time. The cute and not aggressive animals foretells about soft side… Read More


If you are abandoned in your dream then it shows controversial aspects of your waking life. It shows that you will coordinate with your partner, or will find the solution to some waking problem. If you are abandoning someone, then it shows that some kind of problems are trying to get to you, but your… Read More