The bobcat in dreams is the symbolism of lonely part of your personality. The dream shows that you perhaps wish to be on your own a little bit more. You are the person who feels good being by himself/herself. Sometimes the bobcat could indicate some person you do not trust or do not know very… Read More


To dream of the brook is the symbolism of your life how it is going through and how you are coping with it. If the brook is clean, it shows that you are able to control your life. If the brook is muddy, dirty or is going too fast, you should slow down and live… Read More


The birth is always a good sign, because it promises the new and better future for the dreamer. If you are expecting the child and dream that you give a birth, it simply shows the fact that you are looking forward for this event.

Bus driver

The bus driver dream may have several meaning depending on the circumstances of the dream. The bus driver who is driving the bus with confident and you feel happy while being driven, shows that you have someone in your life who is very important to you. The bus driver could also mean that this person… Read More


The dream in which you bury your loved ones indicates your fear of losing them. If you bury some item that you no longer use, means that you are over with some part of your life. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of burial.


The beaver is the animal who is very creative and able to build things from scratch. The dreamer who sees the beaver in his dream has the power to create his great life from nothing. The dream shows that if you work hard enough you will achieve great things. The beaver could also represent your… Read More


If you dream about binoculars, then such dream indicates the fact that you should be aware before making important decisions in your life. If the binoculars were used in order to follow someone, then such dream shows that you should be aware of those that are talking behind your back. Many false information is used… Read More


The brakes are interpreted as the symbol who tells what to do in certain situation. The one that are working properly, indicates your attitude towards some situation or life overall. You do know how to act and when to stop doing whatever you are doing. The brakes that are broken or do not work the… Read More


The bomb is an indicator of the hidden negative emotions the dreamer has. Usually it shows how angry and frustrated we are feeling. If the bomb hasn’t exploded yet, you are still able to control your anger, if exploded – you must pull yourself together and do something about it.


The blood in dreams usually indicates the force of the life and energy that one is bringing while living the life. If you dream that you are injured at some part of your body, you should reconsider your health. The blood could also indicate that you are feeling tired. Perhaps you’re working too much or… Read More


To dream about the bull means that you got yourself into very dangerous and risky situation. Sometimes the bull could indicate you as the person who is strong, masculine and powerful. Consider that these qualities could be applied to another person who was seen together with the bull, or the one who is taking important… Read More


The bench in dream is indicated as the symbol of relaxation. The dream could mean that you are too tired from all of your responsibilities and duties. If the bench is taken by other people and you do not have an ability to sit on it, you do not know how to avoid the duties… Read More

Broken leg

The dream in which you have a broken leg, signifies the fact that you are unable to move in some situation. Perhaps you feel helpless and powerless to change some situation. The broken leg could also signify broken dreams and plans, perhaps you should slow down.

Beverage, alcoholic

To dream that you drink some kind of alcohol, could have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream such as your feelings. Usually the alcohol shows our desire to avoid the problems we have in waking life. If you felt depressed while drinking the alcohol, it means that you are feeling the same… Read More


To receive the bracelet from someone means the special bond you have with this individual who gave you a bracelet in the dream. The bracelet could also mean that you feel attached to someone or something you are no longer happy with. The bracelet makes you feel tied and you wish to have more freedom.… Read More


The bathing in dreams is interpreted as the symbolism of great luck the one will experience. The bathing could also be understood as the symbolism of cleanses where you get rid of all the negativity. Bathing in the river or the lake may indicate some barriers that will pass away easily. Bathing with other people… Read More


When you see yourself playing with banjo and it includes other people, then it means joy and good times. If the other people are playing it, the new love will come in your life soon. The sound of the banjo promises visits from your friends and that will make you very happy. It could even… Read More

Bright light

The bright light could have several meaning depending on the feelings while having this dream. If the bright light was pleasant to watch, it shows that you found the solution to some problem. If the bright light is hard to look at, it shows that you are feeling too much pressure and attention.


The bridge is an omen of the connection between two people. Perhaps there is someone in your life that you share a very special bond, therefore in the dream you see it being as the bridge. The dream could also represent the new part of your life where you will live completely different life. The… Read More


The bat in dreams shows the hidden powers you have. The bat could also show that you are enjoying the unknown world and experiences. The bat is also a symbol of spiritual aspects you are looking to get with yourself. These features and qualities of the bat could be applied not only to you, but… Read More


The buzzard is an indicator of the new beginning. Perhaps there is something in your life that only just started and something that has only finished. The buzzard is also the feature of your personality which shows that you tend to take more from others than to give to them. The dream could be applied… Read More


To hear the beeper in the dream could mean that you wish to be heard. The beeper is also a symbol of the signal you are waiting for, to do something important in your life. The dream could also indicate your wish to get in touch with some person.