The cougar in dreams shows the power you are carrying with yourself. You feel the person who is capable of doing the things he likes and not feeling guilty that enjoying the life to the fullest. The cougar could be applied not only to the dreamer, but to the person that is very close to… Read More


If you dream that you are being surrounded by crowd, then such dream could have several meanings depending on the feelings you had while dreaming this dream. If you felt good while being in crowd, then it means that you are happy with current situation or your life overall, because you fit very well with… Read More


The dream in which you are looking at the clock may mean that you are afraid of oversleeping your morning. You are afraid of getting up too late. Perhaps you have too much stress. Please also see the meaning of alarm clock.


The cats are known for bad luck in dreams, because they are very mysterious. The little cats that are known as kittens are good omen especially for woman, because it gives the birth of healthy children. For a man the cat is not a very good omen, because he will have a bad luck.


The blue color signifies calmness and devotion. The green color represents vitality, fertility and money happiness. Orange one denotes loyalty, goodness and childhood. The red one foretells about sexual aspects, power and scary things. Yellow one represents happiness, childhood, great health and vitality.


To dream that you see some kind of the chair, means that you are looking for a chance to rest. The chair is the symbol of the place where we sit and simply relax. If your chair is being taken by someone, it means that you feel that you do not have an opportunity to… Read More


The carrion indicates the life as it is. Firstly you are born, then you are living the life and finally you reach the death. The dream shows the normal cycle of the human’s life. Perhaps you started thinking what you are doing in this life and what you want out of it. The carrion could… Read More


The castle in dreams could have several meanings, depending on the circumstances of the dream. The castle that is locked and you are being in it, shows that you are feeling not free. The castle could also indicate your desire to become rich and live a life of the queen or the king.


If you dream about the candles, then such dream indicates misery and unexpected events. The candles are both cozy and scary at the same time, therefore you should pay attention to how you fell while they were lid. If you bought the candles, you may look for comfort. If other people are carrying or buying… Read More


The curtains in dreams are symbolism of something new in your life, like new opportunities if they are opened, if the curtains are closed you shut yourself down from others. Perhaps you need some privacy. If the curtains are dark, then means sadness, if bright and white – joy.


If you see some person using the calculator, then it means he is very smart and using his potential to make friends who are handy to him. If you are calculating your financial stuff, then you should be aware of the fact that some hard times may come into your waking life.


To dream of using the compass means that you are looking for directions in your waking life. There is a certain situation or question where you do not know how to act, therefore you dream of the compass. If you are unable to understand the compass, it shows that you are unable to deal with… Read More

Cock (rooster)

The rooster or the cock is the animal of arrogance and silliness. Many men have this kind of the dream, especially if they are feeling the lack of sex. Sometimes the rooster can stand for particular person who you see as being someone very cocky, therefore he or she reflects in your dreams.


The carousel in dream signifies the fact that you are enjoying having fun. You are the person who has the inner child in himself/herself. The carousel could also indicate the situations in your waking life that are repeating from time to time.


The coat is the symbol of security you are aiming for while living the life. You do not feel safe enough, therefore you use the coat as your shelter. The dream shows that you look after yourself because you know that you are the one who must take care of yourself. If the coat is… Read More