If you dream that you are being in darkness, it shows some situation you are feeling out of control. Perhaps you are not feeling the controller of the situation and do not know what will happen in the future. The darkness is also a symbol of unknown people or places that came into your life.


To dream that you are having dinner with someone you know indicates the special relationships you have with this person. The dinner could also signify the fact that you are very outgoing person who likes to be surrounded by the company. The actual hunger could also bring out the dreams about the dinner. If you’re… Read More

DeGeneres, Ellen

To dream of the Ellen DeGeneres show means that you are enjoying while being surrounded by your friends. Sometimes the dreamers who are watching the TV show before they are going to bed have these kind of dreams which is absolutely normal, because it indicates the fact that the dreamer is simply watching too Much… Read More


To dream about the director means that you would like to take the control into your own hands. Perhaps you have the qualities of the leader, therefore you wish to manage not only the situations you got yourself into, but others as well.


To dream that you see a donkey means that you tend to get things in life easily. Perhaps you do not like working too hard. The donkey could also indicate some person in your waking life which you shouldn’t trust too much, otherwise you will be sorry for that. The features of the donkey could… Read More


If you dream about things that are disappearing, then such dream represents your worries about particular people in your waking life that you care a lot. You are really afraid of losing them, therefore you are dreaming about them. You must relax and be more become more attentive to your feelings than the others.


If you got some of the dirt on yourself by an accident, it means that you are worrying a lot about your reputation. The dirt could also mean that you have a very bad opinion about yourself, therefore you see yourself being covered in dirt.


To see wild ducks in a dream, means great easy life if they are swimming on the water. The ducks that are kept in a farm, represents the rich and prosperous life. If you are trying to catch a duck or hunting, you may lose in your business affairs. The fact that you are shooting… Read More


To dream that you are dishonest with someone means that you are probably being dishonest in your waking life as well. In some dreams explanations being dishonest may mean that you do not feel that life is fair to you. Keep in mind that dishonesty may mean that you are not being honest with yourself… Read More


If you are driving some kind of vehicle, then such dream suggest to be aware and do not take any risks, especially in gambling. If there is another person who drives the vehicle, you will be very fortunate in the next couple of weeks. The driving could also represent your life, therefore if you drive… Read More


The dream in which you see the doctor signifies some problem that needs to be fixed immediately. The doctor could also represent the actual illness you are suffering from. Sometimes the dream about the doctor may indicate the fact that you are feeling not well mentally, therefore the help from your family or friends would… Read More


To dream that you see some kind of the door, means that you are entering the new chapter of your waking life. If you dream that you open the door, then such dream indicates the new opportunities that are ahead of you. The doors that are closed signifies the obstacles and barriers you will face… Read More


If you dream about the dolphin, then it is a very positive dream which is interpreted as a good omen. The dolphin represents the features such as magical issues, friendship and innocence. The features of the dolphin could be related not only to your personality but also someone you know.


To dream that you are in debt means that you are feeling afraid of losing your friendships with others. The debt could also signify the fact that you think that someone owes something to you, but only if another person is in debt with you. If you give someone lots of your attention and love… Read More


The dream in which you see your own dad, may indicate the deep connection you have with this person or simply missing him a lot. The Dad could also be the figure of the God you believe in and the connection you have with him.


If you put some kind of items into the dumpster, then such dream signifies your desire to get rid of negativity in your waking life. If you are doing it secretly, you are trying to avoid the duties that should be done by you. The dumpster could also denote to the fact that you are… Read More


If you are dreaming that you are dreaming, then it is very common dream, which shows that you are worrying too much about something and do not let your brain to rest completely during the sleep. It also shows that you are not fully asleep and you are in wide-awake dreaming, where you are not… Read More


To dream that you are the driver of your vehicle means that you are coping with your life perfectly. You are able to move through life with comfort. If the other person is the driver, you tend to put the responsibilities of your life to other people.


To dream that you are using some kind of illegal drugs, means that you are not feeling yourself anymore. Perhaps something makes you feel dizzy, angry or even sad. Make sure you change the situation or whatever makes you feel that way. If someone is trying to give you the illegal drugs, it means that… Read More


When you dream that you are divorcing someone, then such dream represents the strict views you have and it suggests to find the solution which would be suitable for both sides, otherwise you will have a break up. The divorce could also represent your actual wish to be separated from your partner. Maybe you wish… Read More


To dream that you see a deer indicates the positive, innocent and fearful aspects of your personality. All of these qualities may be applied not only to you, but the other person in your waking life that is very important to you.


The Dracula is known as the symbol of energy sucker. The one who dreams of the Dracula is suffering from the emotional vampires who are taking all of the energy from the dreamer. If you dream of this, you should change something in your life, otherwise you will feel tired all the time.