To dream that you clean your shoes into the doormat, means that you are using clean strategies while entering into new phases of your life. If you ignore the doormat and enter the building with dirty shoes, it shows that you are not the person who follows the rules. The doormat that has a nice… Read More


If you dream about some kind of dirt, then such dream is understood as the symbol of fertility. The very rich dirt could be a symbol of new and fresh start. If you dream about barren dirt, then it signifies all of the negative aspects of your personality. It could be some situation that happened… Read More


To dream of the sofa means that you are feeling relaxed and mellow. Sometimes the sofa could have different meaning and suggest you to take some time apart from your work and relax for a while. Sofa is also a symbol of communication with those around you.


The donkeys in dreams represent funny side of ours, also silliness and humility. The donkeys play the childish side of ours where it shows what is so playfully about us. The monkey could also foretell about some person who is understood to be under lots of pressure. Anyway, the donkey shows us that we can… Read More


If you dream that you are in danger, then it means that your mind is sending you a message. Make sure you look after your family, relationships and business, because it tells more than you think. If you are in danger while dreaming it could also be interpreted as the very good symbol, which shows… Read More


The dolphins are symbols of love, friendship, goodness and affection. The ones that are playing in the water could be interpreted as our minds where we are looking for answers while being in very stable mind. The dolphins could also be understood as the symbolism of the connection between our minds where we can control… Read More


If you dream that you see the dragonfly, who lands on you, then it shows the return of someone very important form your past. The dead dragonfly signifies new that won’t be pleasant to you. If the dragonfly perched beautifully on somewhere, it shows that you will have someone in contact with you, but it… Read More


When you see the dagger in your dream, then such dream signifies the necessity to be aware of what you are saying to others, otherwise you can hurt them. If you wrenched the dagger from anyone, then it means you will be able to avoid the unlucky situations. Overall, the dagger represents the frustration the… Read More


When you are diving in a dream, then it shows your curiosity where you are trying to solve some important matter. The dream could also show that you are trying to get yourself into deeper knowing of your inner self. According to Freud, he says that the diving indicates the intercourse where the dreamer has… Read More


To dream about the deity means that you are trying to find the way to the religious aspects of your life, perhaps you wish to know yourself better in spiritual way. The deity could also mean that you should start doing it, because the dream is the suggestion to get to know yourself better even… Read More


The diamond in dreams are good omens, because it stands for things that are important to you. The dream about them could also indicate the love and affection you have towards someone. It could also suggest to think deeper and realize what really matters to you in life.


To dream about the devil could be interpreted as the nightmare, because there are certain situations or people in your waking life that you are afraid of. Perhaps the evil and bad things that are heard through media are giving too much pressure for your mind. Make sure you separate yourself from the negativity.


The doors symbolizes the ways we chose to go. If you are going through the door, then such dream represents the different stages of your minds where we go from one, to another. If the doors we dream of are being locked or just simply closed, then it shows the barriers we are going to… Read More

Die (You)

To dream that you die means that you are very afraid of the death, therefore this dream is simply interpreted as the nightmare. Sometimes the dream in which you die could also indicate some phase in your waking life that is no longer important to you. The situation or relationships has come to an end.… Read More


If you dream about yourself that you are drowning, it is very normal dream that many people dreams of. It causes lots of fear and apprehension. It usually shows that the person is feeling afraid of some situation or even lost the control about something, therefore he feels like drowning. Usually these kind of dreams… Read More


To dream that you are having a dessert may indicate the fact that you are actually lurking from hunger. Perhaps you didn’t eat enough before you went to bed, therefore you have this kind of dream. The dessert could also indicate the sweet things in your life that you are enjoying, therefore in dreams they… Read More


The dream in which you see yourself driving, indicates the way you are going through life. If the journey is going smoothly, you are coping with your life perfectly, if you have the obstacles on your way or the vehicle that is driven doesn’t work properly, you have problems in your life as well.


If you see some directions that are hard to understand in your dream, then such dream indicates the confusion you are suffering from, therefore you are trying to find the answers to your questions. If you are unable to understand these directions, it means that you do not know what to do in certain relationships… Read More


To dream that you hear a door bell, means that new chances are coming into your life. Perhaps the opportunity you were waiting for is finally here. The doorbell could also symbolize the forgotten problems you haven’t solved yet and the unconscious mind is giving you an alert.


The doves are the symbols of affection, tranquility and freedom. If you dream about doves that are white, then your life will be fulfilled with love and calmness. If you hear turtle doves, then it is a sign of something new that will be heard. The flock of doves means that you will have a… Read More


The dog in dreams is the symbol of love and friendship. If you were called a dog in a dream, then it shows the disrespected you are suffering from. If someone treats you like a dog, then such dream represents the fact that you are abused by someone. There is also a saying that dogs… Read More


The dog in dreams is a very positive omen, because it indicates friendship between two individuals. The dog is someone who will always be there for you no matter what are the circumstances, therefore if you dream about the dog, then such dream could mean that there is someone in your waking life you can… Read More


If you have a desert then such dream signifies the unconscious mind of yours. You feel the lack of the positive and sweet experience in your waking life. The dream about dessert could also show that you feel too much of stability in your life and wish some of the chaos. However, if you really… Read More