In dreams the eyes are the symbols of your view to word. The eyes that are beautiful and even sparkles, signifies the goodness. The ones that are closed foretells about the reality the dreamer tries to escape. If the eyes are crossed, then it foretells about some misunderstanding between your inner self. You do not… Read More


The embryo in dreams could represent the desire to get pregnant the dreamer has. Maybe you are ready to take the responsibility to become a parent? It is a very common dream for the women who are expecting the child to dream about the embryo, which is only a reflection of reality and means nothing.… Read More


The excrement of your own indicates the features of yourself which you don’t like. The excrement of the other person signifies the issues of that person whose excrements you saw. The problems of this person have caught much of the stress for you as well, you are worrying about it as it would be your… Read More


When you dream about the elevator, then such dream represents the different stages of your inner self. You feel different all the time. The elevator may be interpreted as the sexual act, which tells how the intercourse is going. The elevator could also signify the good and bad days in your waking life, where you… Read More


To be shaken by an earthquake is a symbol of some important matter that will make a lot of stress to you. You will have to deal with unknowingness. If during the earthquake you escaped the danger, then it shows that you will be able to deal with whatever problems you will have easily.


If you dream that you envy for something, it shows that you are feeling sorry for yourself because of your future or past. The present time is also very important while dreaming the dream, because it shows the things that must be changed immediately. You should reconsider your life.


If you see your own eyes in the dream, it shows the deep connection you have with yourself and the fact that you are not afraid to face yourself and the fears you have. You are the person that is honest with himself/herself. The sick or red yes shows that you are suffering from sadness… Read More


The expressway is the symbolism of getting from one point to another in some aspects of your life. The dream could represent the situations that already happened, are happening at the moment or will be happening in the future. If you are stranded in the expressway and unable to move on, it shows that you… Read More


When you dream about the education which you are receiving, then it shows your desire to be a better person. You wish to fulfill your dreams and know that the education while fulfilling them is very important. The education could also represent your desire to learn something unknown and new.

Emmy Awards

To dream that you receive the Emmy Award may mean that you need more attention than you already get. Perhaps you wish to be appreciated and acknowledged by others. You are the person who likes to be in the center of attention, which is not a bad thing. The dream could also signify the goals… Read More


The earrings could indicate the feminine aspects of your personality. The one who is wearing the earrings is could also be trying to create the new image where the style and good looks are very important if he or she is trying to make a good impression. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also… Read More


If you dream about the echo, then it means that someone doesn’t hear you or doesn’t believe you, therefore much of work will have to be done in order to be heard by that particular person. If you are making an echo in wildness, then you are going to suffer from illness or will become… Read More


If you dream that you are on the slippery eel, then such dream represents the disappointment, because the luck you wish to receive will simply slip away from you. The eel that is in clear water is understood as the symbol of great luck, but if the water is dirty or muddy, then you should… Read More


When you dream about your enemy, then it represents some of your friends. If you were fighting with your enemy and losing this fight, then you will experience the disappointments. There is also a possibility that someone close to you for example your friend will betray you. If you win while fighting with the enemy,… Read More


The execution in dreams is interpreted as the fears the dreamers has for something that might happen. The execution shows the situations you do not want to happen or you wish to avoid them. The execution could also denote to the fact that you are finishing some phase of your life and no longer willing… Read More


if you dream about the eggs, then such dream brings everything positive that is related to your family. If you found the nest, which has the eggs in it, then it means you will have a great financial growth within few next weeks. If the eggs you see in the nest are small, or there… Read More


If you see an eagle in a dream, then such dream signifies the upcoming this in your life that will bring joy and luck in the very serious matter. If an eagle attacks you, then it shows that you are ready to be attacked by your surroundings. Do not be afraid, as you are going… Read More


When you dream that you are eating, then such dream signifies the necessity for something new and unknown. You feel the lack of experiences. If the meals you are eating are those from your childhood, then it shows that you are lurking for security and the inner child that is in you need help. If… Read More


The egg in dreams is mostly interpreted as the dream where the dreamer is trying to start the new beginning of something important in his/hers life. The egg is the symbol of the new phase and birth of the ideas, relationships or jobs, especially if it is the egg of the bird. The human egg… Read More

Eleventh hour

The dreamer that sees the eleventh hour on the clock is facing the end of something that is very important to him/her. Perhaps some work or relationships are coming to an end. Sometimes the eleventh hour could be a negative omen which shows that you tend to leave the things until the last minute and… Read More


If you receive an email while dreaming, it shows that you are waiting for some kind of important news or messages that must be given to you in very short period of time. If you were the one who sent an email, you wish to forward some message to others.


The Easter is the celebration of reborn, therefore the dreamer who is having this kind of the dream is trying to change himself/herself in some kind of way. The Easter is also very important dream for people who are deep believers in Christianity, because it shows the deep connection with the religion.


Usually the escape is interpreted as the good omen, because you are able to escape any situation, especially the ones that makes problems or are unpleasant. If you escaped the jail, then such dream foretells about some situation that was hard to deal with, maybe even unfair one from your point of view, and now… Read More


The ears in dreams are the symbols of the talks behind your back. Beware of that and prepare yourself. The ears that are dainty signifies the necessity to be heard by others. If you feel the pain of your ears in your dream, then it means that some things that are done to you made… Read More


The explosion in dreams is interpreted as some stress that was hidden away and now is about to explode. There is a probability that you were keeping all of the stress and negative emotions to yourself and now you are trying to change that.


The elk is the symbol of power and strength. It is also the symbol of feminine aspects of your personality. The dreamer who sees the healthy and graceful looking elk is going through life easily with power and grace. The elk that is sick doesn’t bring very good dream explanation, because it shows the tiredness… Read More


If you dream about the eclipse of the sun, then such dream shows that there is too many great things and qualities you are using, therefore you suffer now. The eclipse of the moon could be interpreted as the spiritual side of yours which sends you a message to stay strong no matter what is… Read More


The dreamer who dreams of emu is the person who is very constructive and have very practical views towards the life. The dream shows that these qualities could be applied not only to the dreamer, but to the person that takes an important part of his life.


The elephant is the symbol of power and strength. The dreamer is becoming the stronger person who doesn’t care about the consequences, because he is following his path. The dream about elephant and its qualities could be related not only to the dreamer, but to the person that is close to the dreamer or is… Read More


If you are getting the help from EMT, then this dream is interpreted as the alert that the unconscious mind of yours is giving to you. Perhaps there is some situation that makes you feel very bad and without help it won’t be solved. Sometimes the MET could indicate the actual health problems you’re suffering… Read More

Easter eggs

The Easter eggs indicate the celebration of Easter. If you are dying the Easter eggs during the dream, it shows your creative side and the fact that you are waiting for this celebration. If you are looking for Easter eggs that are hidden somewhere, it is interpreted as the childish side of you and good… Read More


The elephant in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of wisdom, power, knowing and force. The elephants are also related to good memory the one has. Perhaps there is something you wish to remember or for a long time, because you experienced the great things or simply wish to know more of the things. The… Read More