Funnel cloud

The funnel cloud in dreams is seen as the symbol of getting out of control. There is a certain situation where the dreamer feels that there is nothing he can do. Sometimes the funnel cloud shows that the dreamer is feeling sorry for himself because others using him for their own goodness.

Figure, religious

To dream of any religious figure could be interpreted as your way of better knowing yourself. You think of the things in life and there are some questions that no one can answer, therefore you are looking these answers through the religion. To interpreter this kind of dream you have to pay attention to the… Read More


Fire represents aggression, renewal and changes. When you see your house that is burning, it shows the help you will be asked for. The fire that burn you signifies misfortune. If you escape the fire and have no burns, you will avoid the misfortune. The fire is also a symbolism of new things that are… Read More


The fish in dreams is always a good omen that brings luck, because you are able to catch it, except if you dream about the particular fish such as carp, because it is a symbol of misfortune or the fact that you do not take any criticism. The fish that you see in clear sea,… Read More


To dream that you have some kind of the food means that you are suffering from the hunger. Your stomach is giving you a message that is wasn’t filled enough. If you ate too much of the food, then this dream indicates the problems you are trying to solve while eating them up. To get… Read More


To dream of eating a feast may mean that you are suffering from the hunger, because you didn’t ate enough before your sleep and your body is giving you a signal. The feast could also have a negative meaning which shows that while eating you are trying to avoid the negativity in your life by… Read More


To dream that you see fangs means that you are feeling scared about something in your life. There is a chance that something has happened in the past that doesn’t give you a peace of your mind. The fangs could also denote to the fear of the future and unknown situations.


To dream about the fish could have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. If you catch the fish, it is a good omen which brings good luck and abundance. If the fish is rotten or smells very bad, beware of easily achieved things in your waking life, because it will give you… Read More


The feet in dreams is the symbol of your ability to walk through your path. The feet shows how much you are in touch with the reality. Washing the feet shows how you are getting rid of your old habits and how you are creating the new life and it is also a symbolism of… Read More


The freeway in dreams indicates the way people go from one point to another. The freeway might also indicate the things that already happened in your life and you are unable to forget or the future which you are dreaming about and have some plane to fulfill it. If you find yourself being stuck in… Read More


The fawn is the symbol of sensitivity. The dreamer that is having the dream about fawn has issues with his vulnerable side. Sometimes the fawn dream could be applied not only to the dreamer, but someone in his waking life that has these qualities.


When you dream that you have a big family, then such dream foretells about the fact how much it is important to you your family or close friends. The family of the animals could be as an example of your family and if they are getting along great, you will be in peace with your… Read More


To dream that you are fighting with someone may mean that you are having anger issues with this particular person that was seen in your dream. You didn’t say anything to this person, therefore you dream of saying what you actually think of and express your anger without the fear during the dream. Sometimes the… Read More


If you fail at something while dreaming, then such dream signifies your fear of not being good enough at something or you have the fear do not fulfill others expectations about you. Make sure you get enough of rest and don’t let anyone to let you down.


The father in dreams could indicate the love you have for your dad. Sometimes it can have religious meaning, but only to those who have a very deep connection with their religion, in this case the father is interpreted as the God.

Falling asleep

If you dream that you are falling asleep, it shows the huge tiredness you are suffering from. The dream is good omen, because it shows that your head is already resting. Alternatively, the falling asleep could have a negative meaning which is interpreted as the nightmare, but only if you are unable to wake up… Read More


When you are fighting in a dream, then it shows frustration and disappointment that you are suffering. The fighting could also show the two different sides that you are fighting within yourself. You tend to find it hard to know the decision. If you see others fighting, beware with your business, because you might suffer… Read More


If you are fainting in a dream, then it suggests you to slow down while doing something. Make sure you make some changes while it’s not too late. If one of your close friends or relatives fainted, you will find out about their unusual activities that will surprise you.


The flying according to some dream interpreters foretells about our will to escape the reality, because there is a necessity for freedom. The flying could also show that we tend to think better about ourselves then the others, because we are above them while flying. The flying could also indicate our sexual wishes where we… Read More


When you dream about your friends, then such dream signifies the things in your life you appreciate a lot. Perhaps they play a big role in your waking life. If your friends are unhappy or they betray you, you should be aware and do not tell your secrets, because you never know who is the… Read More

First aid

The dream in which you see the first aid could be interpreted as your wish to get help from those around you. You feel that you do not know how to act in certain situations, therefore you need a hand. Some decisions that must be made or problems that must be solved are too difficult… Read More


The fetus denotes to your love for another person. The dream shows the deep connection you have with this particular person. The dream in which you are pregnant shows your will to have children. Sometimes the pregnant women have these kind of dreams which is absolutely normal and doesn’t have any special meaning.


The floor symbolizes how much you are grounded to your life and the way you are able to move one. The floor could also signify your relationships with yourself if you are floating or feel grounded enough in order to understand who you are. If you are brushing the floor or cleaning it in any… Read More


When you look at the strangers face while dreaming, then such dream shows various aspects of your personality. The different faces have different meanings. The funny face may be a suggestion to be more relaxed. The face without the nose eyes or mouth, shows that you are feeling numb and even have no opinions about… Read More


The floating on the water is interpreted as floating on your thoughts and ideas. You reached the great balance within your mind. If you are floating in the air, you get to be in great state of your mind if you are not afraid of it, if you feel scared, the meaning is the opposite.


The beautiful fruits that are fully cultivated signifies happiness fertility and joy. Most of the fruits are the symbols of vitality and fertility. Green fruit represents the hard work one will have to do, because they are not fully cultivated, that is why you will have to put much effort to make them eatable.