To dream that you see the graffiti indicates the creative aspects of your personality. To know more about your dream, make sure you pay attention to the picture of the graffiti what was painted there, only then you will be able to interpreter your dream better.


To dream that someone is grateful for you, means that you are feeling loved and appreciated by others. If you are feeling grateful to someone for something, it means that you are actually appreciating this person a lot in your waking life as well.


To dream that you are using the gavel means that you made up your mind about some important decision in your life. Sometimes the gavel may show that you are too judgmental when communicating with others. Sometimes the gavel could indicate the troubles if it was used not by you, but by the judged. Make… Read More

Gas, pedal

The gas pedal in your dream is an indicator how you are controlling your life in reality. The pressure you give to it means that you have a fierce to move on without being afraid of consequences. Alternatively, the dream may show that you find it hard to stop while dealing with your issues. The… Read More


The glass in dream is a good omen if you are looking through it and if it is nice, clean and clear, then it shows the real view you see of the world. The dirty glass or scratched one shows your inner destruction. If you dream about the broken glass, then such dream foretells about… Read More


To dream about the goat is a good omen which shows that you are able to move yourself even through the most difficult times in your life. The goat is also a symbol of fierce and power. These qualities could be applied to you or the person that is taking very important part of your… Read More


The grass that is green foretells about the growth of your finances or even luck in love affairs. The grass that is burnt doesn’t have a good meaning, you will suffer. If you plant the grass, it means you have new ideas and projects on your mind, but it will give results if you will… Read More

Gold coins

The golden coins in dreams are the reflection of valuable things in your waking life such as money, jewelry or real estate. Sometimes the golden coins indicate the features such as your mental goodness, financial situation or emotional state. The golden coins can also be a reflection of the investments you have made in your… Read More


To dream that you receive the gift is a good omen, because you feel appreciated by those you are surrounded by. If you were the one who gave the gift to someone else, it means that you appreciate this particular person for something he or she has done to you.

Grammy Awards

To dream that you attend the Grammy Awards and receive the award, means that you like to be in the center of the attention. The Grammy Awards could also simply show that you like to watch the beautiful people. If you were nominated at the awards, but haven’t received one, it means that you feel… Read More


The games usually indicates the childish qualities of your personality. Perhaps you feel that the life is too serious and wish to be more childish at some situations. The game could also represent some situation that needs to be played well, because of the many rules you’ve got to find the way to win it.… Read More


To dream of genie usually indicates the wishes the dreamer has and wishes he wish to become true. Perhaps you want something that is very hard to get. The genie that is nice to you could mean that your wishes might become true if you will keep dreaming about them.

Garage sale

To dream that you are attending the garage sale that was organized by other people, shows that there are minor things in your life you wish to fulfill and make them become true. The garage sale could also show that you tend to take other people’s problems and try to solve it for them. If… Read More


To dream that you are building the gazebo or simply enjoying the view while sitting in it, shows your desire to escape the present. You have too many problems and responsibilities, therefore you wish to be somewhere where is nice.

God (Holiness)

To dream that you are talking to God means that you are finding the way to look deeper into yourself. You are finally found the spiritual happiness which will lead you to fulfilment. The dream could also mean that you are trying to find the answers to difficult questions.


To dream that you are the groomsman in someone’s wedding, means that you feel appreciated by your friends. If you are attending the wedding in your waking life, it shows that you are worried of being a groomsman. If you so do not feel happy while being a groomsman, it shows that you are not… Read More


To dream that you attend your own wedding is very common dream for those who are getting married in the near future. It could also show your desire to have a marriage with someone special in your waking life. The groom could also show that you like to be the leader of any event or… Read More


If you see yourself being in gale or any other kind of storm, then it shows then things you are unable to escape. You feel trapped in some situation and have no idea how to look after those you love and even give the safety to yourself. Make sure you find the way to escape… Read More


To dream that you are eating gluttony, means that you are trying to escape the problems while stuffing yourself with food. You want to eat your problems. If you went to bed being hungry or you haven’t eaten enough of the food, it means nothing if you dream of gluttony.


The ghosts in a dream represents the aspects of your inner self that are unknown even to yourself. Sometimes ghosts indicates the things that are no longer important to us, but we remember them from time to time. If someone has suddenly passed away, then it means you are thinking about those people in different… Read More


The ground indicates the different cycles of the year, life it is also a symbol of dreams the one is having. Usually the groundhog is dreamed by those who are kind of slow people. These qualities could be applied not only to you, but to another person in your waking life who is taking the… Read More


To dream that you are working in your garage may have several meanings depending on circumstances of the dream and your waking life. The garage could shows that you like to work on your own and organize your life on your own. The car that is seen in the garage indicates your achievements, so the… Read More

Getting caught

To dream that someone has caught you while doing something bad means that you feel guilty about something you have done. You think you will be punished. Sometimes the dream about getting caught could simply denote to the fact that you are very nosy and mind the business that is not yours. Make sure you… Read More


Usually the gardens are the symbols of great joy and happiness. If the garden is not created by human, but made by nature, then it shows that you will struggle at some situations, however if the garden is beautiful, the universe will help you solving the situation. The garden that is full of flowers signifies… Read More


If you dream about your own girlfriend it is very normal and common dream, which can be interpreted only when the other circumstances of the dream are known. Make sure you look into the dream deeper and compare your relationships with your girlfriend in your waking life and in your dream. The dream in which… Read More


To dream that you see the gatekeeper means that you see someone in your life who is looking scary and unknown. Perhaps the gatekeeper is the symbolism of the fears the dreamer has. If you are the one who is the gatekeeper, it means that you are confident enough to control your own and other… Read More