To dream about the hair could have several different meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. Make sure you pay attention to the state of your hair as it will give you a lot of information about your dream. The mess hair indicates unorganized life. The beautiful and healthy hair shows how capable you… Read More


If you dream about the hail, then such dream foretells about the times you will try to do things repeatedly. If you see yourself in the hail storm, you will succeed. The hails that are falling in stones promises great happiness through hard work.


The cozy home indicates the domestic happiness. The building of your home and the way it is located signifies the things in your waking life. The basement symbolizes the unconscious mind of your, the top floor of the building is related to your spirituality and the other floors of the building shows your present life.


To dream of the hummingbird means that you feel very relaxed at this time of your life. Sometimes hummingbird could indicate the laziness of the dreamer. Otherwise, the dream shows that even though you do not work too hard, the things are going according to plan.


If you dream about some kind of the hole, then such dream foretells about the things you wished were perfect. The hole could also be interpreted as the place to escape unfavorable situations. Perhaps the hole represents the idea you already have, how to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Hare (rabbit)

The hare is the symbol of fear, sensitivity and fertility. The dream could show that you are afraid of something in your life, therefore you feel like the rabbit. Some people who are very sensitive while dealing with their emotions also dream of hare. The hare is also very common dream for the women, because… Read More


If you are the person who is hitting another person, it shows the suppressed anger issues towards that particular person or to life in general. You feel angry about something and haven’t expressed those emotions, so during the dream you are hitting In order to get rid of the extra negative energy. Make sure you… Read More


The hen is the symbol or fertility, ability to create and feminine aspects of your personality. The ones that are expecting the baby have dreams about the hen. The very creative people also dream about the hen. And the ability to use your femininity is also dreamed in the symbolism of the hen.


Usually the hallway indicates the way we go from one chapter of our lives to another one. If you walk through the hallway easily, it means that you will make decisions very easily about something as well. If it is difficult to pass the hallway or you are unable to move, or do not know… Read More

Hungry, not

If you dream that you do not feel hungry, it shows that you are happy with what you’ve got in your life. If you are feeling too full, it means that you have more than enough of everything in your life, therefore you do not wish to have anything. Alternatively, you have reached the peace… Read More


When you dream about your hands and you see them being clenched, then such dream shows the suppressed anger you are suffering from. The hands that are not clenched, but opened ones represents the friendly side of your personality. If your hands are covered in blood, then such dream foretells about some situation you will… Read More


To dream that you see the heron could mean that you feel you are doing something you shouldn’t do. You feel that whatever you are doing you have no passion for it and not enjoying while doing it, therefore you dream of heron. The heron in dreams could also show that you do not put… Read More


If you are looking out for help in your dream, it could mean that you are not capable to deal with your problems on your own. If you are the healer, the others need your support. Make sure you give a hand for those you love, because the unconscious mind of yours is feeling it.… Read More


To dream about your own husband is interpreted as the reflection of your waking life. The reason why you dream about your husband is the situation and relationships you are with him at the moment. Make sure you think enough about the way you are talking with your husband only then you will be able… Read More

Heart attack

If you have a heart attack it could indicate the actual health problems you are suffering from. Make sure you check your health and the way your organism is functioning. The heart attack could also signify the fact that you are unable to manage your own life.

Helicopter crash

To dream that you got yourself into the crash of helicopter, shows that you are afraid of something bad that might happen to you. Sometimes the helicopter crash indicates the problems you think you are unable to control. You feel that you cannot do anything to feel in control, therefore you experience the helicopter crash.


If you dream about handkerchiefs, then such dream signifies that you are feeling under pressure. There is a lack of space you wish to have. If you see the handkerchiefs that are in white color, then such dream foretells about the things that will turn on your positive way. If you waved goodbye, then such… Read More


The hurricane usually indicates current situation of the dreamer’s life, where he doesn’t feel safe, or major changes are happening at this time of his life. It shows that there are many doubts which he is unable to solve. The hurricane also is interpreted as the suggestion to slow down, otherwise the things will get… Read More


The dream in which you are visiting the hospital warns about health issues that must be dealt with immediately, otherwise the consequences will be sad. If you see the other person being in the hospital, then such dream foretells about the help this person is required. If you see yourself being a worker of the… Read More