The interstate indicates your ability to go from one phase of your life to another. It could also indicate the different steps you are taking and how you are managing to make it go smoothly. The dream could either indicate the situations that already happened, the current situation or unknowingness in the future. If you… Read More


To dream that you’ve been injured in some way, means that someone or some situation has made you feel very bad. The dream shows that emotionally you are very tired, therefore you feel like being injured. If someone has attacked you in the dream and injured, it means that you are afraid of being hurt.… Read More


To dream of icicles that are melting, means that your troubles and worries are going away. You are entering the new phase of your life. If you see the icicles that are forming, then it means that some minor problems are coming your way, however they will be very easy to solve. The icicle that… Read More


To dream that you have some kind of the illness, means that you are very vulnerable at this time of your life. Your body could also send the message about the actual illness you’ve got, but haven’t realized that have one. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning of vomiting.


If you dream that your partner is being unfaithful to you, means that you feel very insecure about yourself, or have the trust issues with this particular person. Sometimes the infidelity dream could represent the lack of time you are spending with your other half and do not feel satisfied in these kind of relationships.… Read More


If you see the ice in your dream, then such dream could indicate some kind of stagnation that you are experiencing at the moment. The ice could also represent the melancholic feelings and sadness you are suffering from.


If you feel ill while dreaming, then this dream could indicate the actual illness you are suffering from. You should look after yourself more careful. If there is another person who is ill and you know him, then it means that you will have to give some help for him or simple advice. The illness… Read More


If you feel indebted to someone for something that they did for you, this dream could actually mean that you feel thankful for what they have done to you. You appreciate the help that has been received. If you dream that someone is indebted to you, it shows that you were the one who did… Read More

Ice cream

To dream about the ice cream is the positive omen, because it indicates the happiness and childhood. Perhaps the subconscious mind of yours is looking for some fun activities, therefore the ice cream is related to happiness of your life. If you eat the ice cream with particular individual, then this person makes you happy… Read More


The dream in which you see the island foretells about your wish to escape the reality. You are very tired of your current relationships, work or other circumstances and only wish to be on your own for a while. The island could also show how introvert you are and wish to be alone as much… Read More


The power of being yourself and the strength doing what you want. The dream shows that you have an ability to feel yourself and do whatever you like to do in your life. You are the person who is confident enough to be himself instead of pretending someone else. If you are dreaming that you… Read More

Identical twins

To dream about the identical twins means that you have a special bond with some person, your job or relationships. Sometimes the identical twins represents very big similarities between two individuals. Perhaps these two people are sharing the special bond that no one else has. If you are pregnant and dream of identical twins, there… Read More

Ice floe

To dream about ice floe means that you are very slow in some parts of your life and there’s no progress that is being seen. Perhaps the circumstances are very unfavorable to you. The dream could also indicate the fact that you have no patience.


The intersection in dreams is known as the symbolism of the communication or even interaction with those we are surrounded by. If there is some person that goes out of intersection, it shows the feeling you have about certain people in your life who are no longer interested in communicating with you and you are… Read More


To dream that you’ve got some kind of the infection, means that you have a feeling of someone interrupting into your life. The infection could represent the negative thoughts, unpleasant situations you have to deal with or harmful relationships that you’ve been into.


To dream that you are ignoring some person or situation, means that you have unsolved issues with this particular person. Perhaps you do not want to know what other people are trying to tell you or you don’t like what they are telling you.


The friends who adores some idols means that will have troubles with their own lives and even could cause some damage for you. If you are the person who idols, then it shows the falling finances or relationships you are in at the moment. You won’t do well. If you break the idol, then such… Read More

Ice Cream

If you eat the ice cream in a dream then it could indicate your childhood or simply shows the joy you have. You are happy with the current situation, therefore you wish to stay in this state. Everything goes better then you expected and will continue being so. The ice cream that are tasteless, represents… Read More


To dream that you see iguana, means that you are able to adapt in various circumstances. You have an ability to control the situation staying calm and relaxed. Sometimes iguana indicates the other person in your waking life who has these qualities. You admire this person very much and wish to have some of the… Read More


To dream of seeing an infant means that you need to look after yourself or have an urge to take care of someone. The dream in which you see yourself being pregnant, shows that you should look after yourself more and take care of your health. Sometimes the infant can represent some person in your… Read More


If you dream about illumination, then it shows the stress you will suffer in your waking life. The face that looks illuminated promises to bring back the memories of your life. If you see the snakes in a dream it foretells about your foes that could bring you misfortune. Beware of that. Illumination also signifies… Read More


The ice that is made of water mostly is interpreted as something very unstable in your waking life. If it is cracked, you should prepare yourself for unexpected troubles. The ice that is crystal clear means that you will deal with your life perfectly, but if it is muddy or dirty, then it shows the… Read More

Ice skating

To dream that you are ice skating means that you are looking forward for some happy activities. The ice skating with certain person shows that he makes you feel happy. The ice skating that is difficult to perform, shows that you are not feeling confident in your own skin, or do not trust your strength.


The I.D. indicates your own identity and how you think about yourself. If you lost you I.D., it means that you are not feeling yourself anymore. If someone has stolen your I.D., it symbolizes your fear of being influenced by others in the negative way. If the driver’s license or I.D. was taken from you… Read More