To dream that you are the janitor shows the fact that you feel used by taking care of other people’s damage. You feel like you have to fix everything up even if you didn’t do anything. The dream about janitor could symbolize not only you as the person, but someone you know in your waking… Read More


To dream of seeing the judge could have several meanings. The first one is that you’ve done something bad and are afraid of the payback time. The other explanation says that you are too judgmental on people, especially if the judge you see in the dream is you. The judge shows the people we are… Read More

Jaguar (animal)

The jaguar as the animal has such qualities as quickness, strength and power. The dreamer who sees jaguar probably has the ability to act fast in unexpected situations. The strength while reaching the goals is seen even if the circumstances are very unfavorable. The power of reaching the tasks and the speed while doing it… Read More


To dream that you are standing in front of jury means that you are feeling being judged by others for some reasons. There is also a possibility that you are feeling guilty about something, therefore you dream of being in front of jury. If you are the member of jury, you are very judgmental towards… Read More


The jewelry in dreams may have various different meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream and your life. If you see the person putting on the piece of the jewelry, it means that this person or you care a lot about the way they look in front of the others. It shows how the… Read More

Jigsaw puzzle

If you are putting together the jigsaw puzzle, it means that you are trying to figure out some problem. The dream shows that before you felt asleep you were thinking about something a lot. These kind of dreams could also show that you are unable to relax fully, your mind keeps working, because you have… Read More


The jacket as the dream symbol is interpreted as the security and shelter the dreamer is trying to put on himself. Sometimes when the dreamer is sleeping he is feeling cold, therefore he dreams of wearing the jacket. The jacket could also indicate the clothing item you are dreaming of having.


If you dream about the jam, then such dream foretells about some shame you are suffering from, but not because of your own fault, but because of some woman. The kid who enjoys the jam is known as the symbol of great fortune. If you are making a jam, you will have a great and… Read More


If you feel jealous about something in your dream, it means that you are lacking of self-trust. The jealousy could also indicate the fact that you wish to have the same things or qualities you were jealous of. The jealousy in dreams shows what we wish to have, but we are unable to achieve.


If you see any religious figure in your dream, it means that you are trying to find the spiritual aspects of your personality. The Jesus could indicate the guider to better life and to inner fulfillment. You should reconsider what Jesus means to you, because only then you will be able to interpreter your dream.… Read More


The jackal in dreams shows that you feel used by other people. You do not feel appreciated. The people who use you, they do it for their own goodness that is why you think it is not good when they do not respect you. The different meaning could be applied to those who really wants… Read More


If you dream that you are eating Jello, it means that you are feeling hungry during your sleep. The Jello could also indicate the things in your life that makes you feel happy about, because it is related to colorful life and childishness.


If you see the jaws, then such dream indicates calumnies about you, which are absolutely false and have nothing to do with your real personality. The suggestion is to stay strong and do not give up on yourself. You must protect yourself now or never. The jaws of other people for example your friend, signifies… Read More


Any justice symbols show how you are dealing with the life are you enjoying it, how you are facing the truth are you being honest. The justice shows that you are being judged or you are the one who is judging others. To get more detailed dream interpretation you have to look deeper into your… Read More

Jay Leno

To dream of Jay Leno talk show and attending in means that you like hanging out with your friends. The Jay Leno could also indicate some person in your waking life who reminds you of this celebrity. The dream could also mean that you watch too many TV, therefore you keep dreaming of it. If… Read More

James Bond

The James Bond in dreams could simply indicate the movie that was seen while watching TV in the last days before the dreamer had this dream. The James Bond in the dreams could represent the person who has the features such as smartness, coolness and ability to adapt in various situations. The good looks are… Read More


To dream that you see the jockey means that you do not take the life seriously at this time of your life. The jockey is the symbol of you and the horse that is seen together with the jockey the life you are living. You can see the way you are living, how you are… Read More

Junk yard

If you see the junkyard in the dream, it shows that you are dealing with unpleasant circumstances in your life. If you are picking up good stuff from the junk yard, it shows that you are not enjoying your life and trying very hard to find the positivity in all of this mess. Sometimes the… Read More


The jaybird has the qualities such as the power, active lifestyle and strength while fighting for its needs. The dreamer is very strong person who no matter what the circumstances are is feeling very strong person who is willing to do whatever it takes. The jaybird could also represent the love you have for animals… Read More

Junk food

The junk food could indicate that you are actually feeling hungry during your dream. The junk food could also show that you feed yourself with the bad food. Your body is giving you a signal. The junk food could be used as the metaphor for people you are surrounded by or the relationships you’ve got… Read More


If you are dreaming about your job that you are currently working on, then such dream signifies your current situation. The pressure you have there is in your dreams. Maybe you work too hard? If you dream that you got the new job, then it means that you are actually very lucky person, because you… Read More


To dream you are jealous of your sweetheart, or wife, signifies that they will betray you; for a maiden to dream she is jealous of her sweetheart is a sign some particular friend will “cut her out” for a wife to dream she is jealous of her husband, foretells the loss of his love. Lucky… Read More


To dream of having pots of jelly given to you, or that you are eating jelly, and that plenty of it is around, is a sure sign of long life and good fortune generally; as many pots as are given to you, or as you may have, so many generations will you have to see.… Read More


If you dream that a genuine Israelite comes along and annoys you in any way, it is a sign you will quarrel with your father; if you imagine that he cheats you in a bargain, it predicts that you will probably receive a present from some near relative; on the contrary, if he gives you… Read More


If you dream you are in company and feel particularly hilarious, or jolly, it is a sign of sorrow; mark well who it is that contributes most to your mirth, for he or she may cause you pain. If a girl dreams this of a young man, let her beware of him for a gay… Read More