If you dream about the keg, then such dream indicates disputes in your family. The band that is lose signifies the break up between two individuals and it is not possible to avoid. The new future is coming on your way. To dream of seeing many kegs foretells that you will have difficulties against some… Read More


To dream that you receive the good karma, means that you feel good about your behavior, you feel that you are going on the right track. If the karma is bad to you, you feel guilty about something you have done. Alternatively, the dream may show that you think the life is not fair to… Read More


If you are looking through the keyhole, perhaps you are minding the business that is not your own. You tend to care about other people’s lives more then you should. On the positive note, you are learning new things in life while looking through key hole.


To dream of any religious figure means that you are looking for spiritual guidance. You are trying to understand the meaning of life, God and what it give to you. The Krishna could also indicate the guider of your waking life, who helps you going through days. If you see Krishna talking to you, you… Read More


If you are looking through the keyhole at something that you shouldn’t be looking, it means that you will hurt someone. If you see another person who is looking through the keyhole, it means that you should be careful with those people who are around you, because they might betray you. If you are looking… Read More


If you kissed someone in a dream, then such dream means that you are looking for love and affection. The kissing is also something we share with those we love, so it could show the lack of love you are suffering from, therefore you at least dream about it, because you get no kisses in… Read More


The dream in which you see the king, signifies the fortune that will be reached through hard work. The king is also a symbol of your achievements, especially if you were in contact with him during your sleep. You will be appreciated by others. If you see king being in rags, you should be careful… Read More


If you dream of the boiling kettle and you are cooking something in it, then it means your problems are on the way. The kettle that is very old and rusty or even broken, signifies the misfortunes. A bright kettle will bring much joy, and the dark one shows that your heart will be broken… Read More


If you see the keys, you are controlling your life perfectly. If the keys are broken or you lose them, you have problems while dealing with problems and tasks. If you give away your keys, you let to be in control of your life for that particular person.


If you dream about the key, then it means you found the solution for some problem. If you cannot open something with your key, you are doing things the wrong way. If you have lost your keys, then it shows unexpected troubles. If you found the keys in a dream, then it signifies the joy… Read More


The knee in dreams indicates the power to move through your life. If the knee is healthy, you are dealing with your life perfectly. If the knee was injured because of some reason, you have difficulties in your life and feel helpless.


If you killed someone in a dream, then it means that you have much of anger hidden in your mind. You have problems while dealing with all of the stress, therefore you are willing to kill someone. You lost the control of yourself. If you witness killing, then it means you are not very happy… Read More

Kissing, romantic

If you are kissing someone in romantic way, it shows your romantic feelings towards that particular person. You have a very close relationships to that person. If you kiss someone who is not your partner, it shows that you have the feelings to this person or would like to see the features of him/her in… Read More


The kayak shows the way you are going through life. It is also a symbol of freedom and your ability to take different choices. If the kayak is moving smoothly, you have no problems while living the life. If you meet the storms, or the water is not favorable to you, you are in emotional… Read More


If you are turning the knob, it shows how you are dealing with the issues in your waking life. If it works smoothly, you are going great. The knob also represents you confidence and self-trust while entering the new phases of your life. The knob may symbolize your desire for better knowledge, you tend to… Read More


To dream of seeing a kangaroo means that you are going to look after someone very carefully, or you have a tendency to be very spontaneous person, who jumps from one thing to another, from one person to another. Otherwise, if the kangaroo attacks you and you kill it, you will achieve whatever you wish,… Read More


To dream that you’ve killed someone means that you have unexpressed anger issues. The dream could also indicate the empathy towards particular person, because you haven’t deal with your issues. If you kill someone, because he tried to do the harm to you, or you tried to escape of being killed, it means that you… Read More


If you are flying the kite, then this dream may have several meanings. The kite could indicate your ability to control the situation no matter what are the circumstances. The kite could also be a symbol of freedom and ability to be independent from others.


To dream of an empty one is a sign you will soon leave home; a keg of small fish, or oysters, denotes the receipt of money; keg of spirits of any kind, promises poverty; a keg of powder foretells misfortune; a keg of paint predicts compliments to be paid you. Lucky lottery dream numbers –… Read More


If you dream of wantonly killing any animal, or insect, it predicts bad luck and poverty; but if the killing be done by accident, it shows that, though you may have a misfortune in consequence, it will not materially affect your interest. For butchers or farmers to dream of killing fat and healthy animals for… Read More


To dream of flying a kite is a sign that you will soon write a letter to some friend or acquaintance. For a girl to dream of seeing a kite in the air, predicts that she will receive a letter from a young man — whether a lover or not, is uncertain. Lucky lottery dream… Read More


To dream you are looking through one of these curious instruments, and if you are delighted with the changes that present themselves, it is a sign, that you will either travel in distant countries or be very discontented at home. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 36, 75.


To dream of a young and sport full kid, implies the birth of a child. A young girl who grants her lover too close intimacy before marriage should never dream of the innocent and harmless kid. It is a good dream for married people who desire children. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 70.


If you dream of finding a key, or a bunch of keys, it is a sign that someone will tell you a secret; to dream of losing a key, or keys, is a bad omen, as it predicts that you will come to shame. Such a dream is particularly unfortunate to a young lady. Lucky… Read More


To dream of falling on the knees, denotes misfortune in business. To see a woman’s knees, good luck and marriage to the girl of your choice. For a woman to see a man’s knee, shows that she will have many male children. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 22, 37, 35.

Killing red snake

A killing of a red snake in a dream can be because of an external stimulus reason. For anyone, recently in actual life seen bloody scene of a killing of anything by anybody or a neutralization of a blood sucking mosquito can be a source for dreams. In order to kill a red snake in… Read More