To dream about reading or hearing some kind of lyrics indicates your feelings with particular song. Make sure you pay attention to the lyrics you hear and what kind of words it has, because it will tell much more about your dream. Sometimes these lyrics would mean nothing, only the reflection of the song you… Read More


To dream that you are using the ladder, means that you are aiming for your tasks very easily. You have no problems while dealing with minor issues. The ladder also shows that you tend to achieve better and better results instead of staying at one point.


The light in dreams is very common, because it gives people hope. The light is the symbol of hope, enlightenment, spirituality and love. The light that you see far way shows that you found the way to get out from all the negativity you were suffering from. You will get the answers to the questions… Read More


The lake in dreams is associated with the love and affection. The lake that seems very calm and still, indicates very stable relationships with your lover. If the lake is a bit wavy, or there is some rain pouring on it, then you will face a hard times, especially in your personal love affairs. The… Read More


To dream that you see the lizard means that you are the person who is capable on adapting in various environments. The lizard is the animal that has a very good quickness and is able to escape the danger when it is needed. These qualities could be applied to your personality either. The qualities of… Read More


To dream that you are the leader, means that you tend to be in the center of the attention. You also like when the control is in your hands. If you see someone else as being the leader in your dream, but not yourself, it means that this person has a huge influence in your… Read More


The lion is the king of the jungle, therefore the one who is dreaming about it will have a great fortune. The lion could also signify that there will be many barriers that you will have to overcome. If you are in fight with a lion, then such dream signifies the fact that you will… Read More

License plate

The license plate that is given to the big vehicles indicates your personality and the way you show yourself to others. Sometimes the license plate shows the way other people look at you and what kind of personality you seem to them. If you do not use the license plate, because you do not want… Read More


If you do your laundry in a dream, then such dream signifies that you will receive some help from some individual who will appreciate your hard work. If you give your laundry to somebody else, then you will suffer, because you try to avoid solving your own problems. For the other people, this kind of… Read More


To dream that you are writing the letter, means that you have things to be said to someone special in your waking life. If you receive the letter, you will get some news soon or you are looking forward while hearing from someone who is important to you.


Any kind of the lamp represents financial and personal happiness, it also shows that the success will lead you if you will make some important deals that includes your business. The lamp that explodes for some reason, signifies uneasiness and even false friendships. There is a possibility that one of your friends could betray you.… Read More


The light which you see in the dream represents the hope the dreamer has. The light could also indicate the new ideas that came into your mind during the dream. Sometimes the light could indicate the feeling of being in the spotlight.


The lynx in dreams signifies that you are the person who is looking for new possibilities and chances. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you are lurking for these qualities or there is a lack of them and you wish to have it. The lynx could also represent some particular people in your waking life… Read More


To dream that you are in the lavatory means that you are cleaning yourself while being in various circumstances. The negativity such as bad thoughts and unpleasant relationships are being washed away. If you see the lavatory being dirty and untidy, it means that you should reconsider the people you are surrounded by. Perhaps you… Read More

Last minute

To dream that you are in a hurry, because of the last minute, indicates the tendency of yours being late or leaving the things until the last minute. The last minute could also represent something you are afraid you won’t finish up. On the positive note, the last minute indicates something you have already finished.


To dream that you are lying to someone about something, means that you are hiding some secrets. On the other way, you think that others are invading in your privacy too much, therefore you are protecting yourself by lying. If someone else lies to you, you shouldn’t trust this person in your waking life either.… Read More


To dream that you are thinking logically means that you are finding things being logical and the solution for them to solve has to be logic one. Sometimes these dreams are explained as being very bright ones and it shows that your mind and your body still has lots of energy even during the sleep.


The lion is the animal of power, strength, courage and assertiveness. The lion can hide the feelings such as aggression in your personality that hasn’t been expressed. The lions in the jungle indicate the features of your personality such as loyalty, dignity and respect. Usually the lions are known as the kings of the jungle,… Read More


The dream about the lake could have several meanings depending on the circumstances and the state of the lake. The lake that is crystal clear and you see swimming yourself in it, indicates your ability to move through life with grace and beauty. If the lake is muddy and dirty, it shows that the circumstances… Read More


The loneliness that is felt in the dream could be the reflection of your actual life where you feel lonely and misunderstood. You have no one to talk to and think that nobody cares about you. Sometimes the loneliness could mean the opposite, it shows that you are surrounded with big companies and sometimes wish… Read More


The lamb usually is a very good omen in the dreams. If the lamb is in the green area and eating the grass, you will have great companies around you that will bring much joy. If you eat the lamb’s meat, then you are going to get a very fast financial growth. The lambs could… Read More


To dream of something being very large, means that you put yourself a very high expectations. The dream could also indicate something that is very important to you, therefore pay attention to what item you saw as being very large and look for interpretation of it.


If you dream of seeing some people being in love, then it means you will have a great business endeavours. If you felt in love with someone while dreaming, then you wish for some attention, love or affection. If you feel loved in a dream, then such dream shows how happy you are. You feel… Read More


To dream that someone is leaving you means that you feel as being left out and unwanted. Perhaps you have hard feelings about someone not supporting you in the right way and leaving you on your own. The leaving could be interpreted only as the fear of being left. You are afraid that someone will… Read More


The dream in which you are in the library, could indicate your deep desire for knowledge. You wish to get as much information as you can for the subjected you are interested very much. It could also represent the new idea that just popped into your head and you need to get to know more… Read More


To dream about the lace is a good omen, because it promises you the valuable life, especially if you are making one. If you bought some lace from the others, it is also a good sign, because it means that others will help you to improve in your own life. If your lover is wearing… Read More


The lottery in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of your desire to get things quickly without any effort. You wish to receive goods without any input of yourself. The lottery could also show that you are not careful at some point of your life. If you played the lottery and you lost, beware of… Read More