To dream that you received the message means that you are going to hear some important news, or you are looking forward for something new happening to you. The message that is being sent by you, means that you have some message to tell. The dream shows that you have things to say, only you… Read More


To dream of martin means fortune. The dream shows that you like communicating with other people, going out and having little chats with them. Alternatively, the dream may show that you are tired of being surrounded by other people and wish to have some privacy.


The mutant you see in your dream represents the things you are afraid of, especially the ones that lies within you. If the mutant is chasing you, you feel the danger in your waking life. If you are able to escape the mutant that was chasing you, you will escape the problems you have.

Married, getting

To dream that you are getting married means that you are looking forward being committed to someone. The dream could also mean that you are suffering from the lack of attention, therefore you think while you have a wedding everyone will notice you. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of marriage,… Read More


The dreamer who sees the monkey in his dream should spend more time relaxing and playing instead of being so serious. The monkey is also a symbol of team work. The swinging monkeys signify the wisdom and cleverness of the dreamer. The monkey that has come to you and sit on your shoulder or lap,… Read More


To dream that you step into the mud, means that you will face unexpected barriers. However, it will be easy ones to solve. If you got the mud all over your clothes, then such dream signifies your reputation that might be in danger. Make sure you don’t care what other people say about you. The… Read More

Medical treatment

To dream that you receive the medical treatment means that you need for help while solving some problem. The medical treatment could also indicate the fact that you are receiving some kind of medical help. If you give the medical treatment to somebody, it means that someone needs your help and you are the best… Read More


The monastery in dream could indicate lonely lifestyle, promises, unconditional love and deep connection with God. If you see yourself living in the monastery, it means that you are trying to find your spirituality. The monastery could also represent the fact that you are feeling bonded and experiencing lots of restrictions, but only if you… Read More


The mongoose indicates the qualities such as smartness, playfulness and fierce to move on. The one who was dreaming about it, is having these qualities of the mongoose. Alternatively, the dream could represent some individual from dreamer’s life who has the qualities of the mongoose.

Mad dog

The mad dog represents the anger and frustration you are suffering from. You should also expect some hardships while dealing with your business, because there are people who wish to make damage to you or your family. If you are able to run away from this mad dog, no worries, because you will overcome all… Read More


The moss indicates the situations that fix itself when they are left on their own. Sometimes we have to do nothing if we fish the problems to be solved. The moss is also a symbol of the time that is passing by and vulnerability.


If you dream that you manslaughter someone, then it means you are having anger issues on this particular person and therefore you are dreaming about it. If you are the one who manslaughters someone in order to defend yourself, then it means you are the person who has some issues with another one. The dream… Read More


The famous singer Madonna could mean that you enjoy this type of music or simply adore the celebrity as the person. The Madonna as the religious figure could show that you are looking for spiritual direction. Perhaps you are looking for some answers that could only be given through the spiritual world. Make sure you… Read More

Magic lamp

To dream that you see the magic lamp means that you have some kind of high expectations which you wish were fulfilled. You have some dreams that are very hard to become true. The gene who is in magic lamp is not good to you, then it means your dreams won’t come true.


If you look at the mirror and see in it yourself while dreaming, then it shows your inability to face and accept yourself for who you are. Perhaps there are some issues you are delaying to accept, that is why the mirror appears in your dreams. You don’t need to hide from yourself. The mirror… Read More


To dream that someone is trying to murder you, means that you are feeling afraid about something in your life and think that the evil will destroy you. If you escaped the murderer during your dream, you will escape the problems and evil that you are afraid of. If you are the one who is… Read More


If you are the woman and dream of having the moustache, then such dream indicates the masculine aspects of your personality. The dream shows how much of the strength you have while being a woman, but acting if it is necessary like a man. Sometimes the moustache for a woman could symbolize the insecurities she… Read More


The mice in dreams is not always a good symbol, because it brings minors misunderstandings with those around us. If the mouse was on you, you will get frightened about something in your waking life. The mouse could also denote to minor problem we haven’t put any attention to it. However, if you escape the… Read More


The moving is a good omen, especially if you have no barriers to keep moving. If you find it very hard to move, for example to run, you are feeling tightened about some situation and need more space in order to move properly. The movement could also predict your desire to escape the current situation… Read More


If you dream about some kind of machinery, then such dream indicates the fortune in all your endeavours. If the machinery is broken, you will have to overcome your evil surroundings. If the machinery has made some injuries to you, problems are unavoidable. The properly working machinery brings joy and happiness in your waking life.