To dream about some kind of oasis, signifies the fortune in your business matters. The one who is looking for oasis and can’t find it, means that you are afraid to change things. He has fears of losing the control and have not comfort to be different.


To dream that you are being operated signifies major changes in your waking life. You feel that something is being done to you and you do not feel yourself anymore, because of the pressure in your home or your job. The changes that were done to you could also be only the consequences of your… Read More

Off (light)

If you turn off the light, then such dream indicates the end of some phase in your waking life. The light off could also represent the last piece of your patience where you said your last word. Alternatively, the light off could indicate the things you are unable to see.


Usually the buildings indicate you and the people you are interacting with. The outside place represents the people you are surrounded by, the situations that are happening around you. The representation of the outdoors shows the people you are communicating with. If the outside is nice and tidy, you are getting along with the right… Read More


To dream that you receive some kind of the Oscar, means that you are feeling appreciated by others. You think that people are thankful to you or they respect you for whatever you are doing in your life. The dream in which you are watching the Oscars means that you are adoring some of those… Read More


If you are obedient in your dream, then such dream signifies the fact that you are the very hard working person who is going to do well in his job. If other people are obedient to you, then it means they will help you to improve in your various affairs. When you dream about disobedience,… Read More


If you dream that you see the ocean then such dream might have several different meanings. The first explanation foretells that the state of your mind is the reflection of the state of the ocean. The ocean that is calm with crystal clear water shows that your mind is in peace. If there is some… Read More


If you see yourself looking at the obituary while reading it, then it shows the bad new things you will find out soon. When you dream about the obituary that is yours, then it signifies the danger that is lurking for you that will be made by someone and it will make many troubles in… Read More


To dream that you owe money someone for something means that you are feeling guilty because that certain person did something good to you. If other people owes something to you, then such dream signifies the feeling you can’t get over with, because you think they don’t appreciate your help and don’t feel thankful to… Read More


To dream that you see an ogre, means that you are afraid of something in your waking life. The dream could only be a nightmare which means nothing, only shows that you have a stressful time in the last few days. Ogre that is being friendly and nice to you means that you are accepting… Read More


The oil is very often associated with the sexual desires the one has, therefore he dreams about slippery textures. The oil is also used in many traditional ceremonies, therefore it could be an omen of upcoming an important event in your life. The oil is also a symbol of wealth for many people.


To dream that you see an ostrich could indicate the person who tend to run away from the problems. The ostrich could represent someone in your waking life that is afraid of many things or it could be applied to you, especially if you are very shy person.


If you dream of the oar, then such dream shows your ability to adapt in various situations or change the situation no matter what are the circumstances. The oar that is being lost indicates the lost power of your own life.


The dreamer who sees the orangutan in his dream should spend more time relaxing and playing instead of being so serious. The monkey is also a symbol of team work. The swinging monkeys signify the wisdom and cleverness of the dreamer. The monkey that has come to you and sit on your shoulder or lap,… Read More


If you see the ox that is white, it means that happiness is coming on your way. If the ox you see is the black one, you should pay attention to its behavior, because if it attacked you, you should be aware of the enemies. If the ox didn’t do anything to you, you will… Read More


To dream of the otter means that you will keep enjoying your domestic happiness. The dream shows that if you will be in favorable surroundings you will stay happy and will achieve happiness in your life. The dream suggests to stay on your track, appreciate your qualities and evaluate your personal assets.


The dream in which you see the onion could indicate the difficult problem that is not easy to see in the first place. You have to dig deeper and deeper in order to see clearly. The onion could also indicate the growth of you as the personality. The onion could also represent some person in… Read More


The owl in dreams may have many different meaning depending on the circumstances of the dream. The owl that screams indicates disasters and misery. If you kill the owl, it means that people are making useless gossips about you. In some cultures the owl is the symbol of wisdom. If you are looking at the… Read More


To dream of opossum means that you are capable to act fast and fight for your rights. The opossum as the animal is the one who adapts in different and various circumstances. The dream about opossum could either describe you, or the person you know in your waking life.


If you dream that you ate too much of the food, then such dream shows that you are feeling full of everything in your life and it shows that there is too much of it for you. The dream may also show that you are over eating when you are feeling bad.


The dream in which you oar signifies frustration you will suffer through your own mistakes. There is also a possibility that you will give away your goods in order to make others happy. If you lost the oar or it is broken one, then you will fail in your commitments.


When you dream about the ocean, then such dream signifies the new chances and also spiritual aspects of you personality. The ocean could indicate your need to find the way to be loved and appreciated. The ocean is also the place where many secrets are being hidden, therefore in dreams it stands as the symbolism… Read More


The owl in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of knowing and wisdom. It is very miserable animal that appears only a night time. In some cultures the owl is related to the eagle who is much respected bird. The owls indicates various turnovers in your waking life. The one owl that is hooting is… Read More


To dream that some person is obligated to you, indicates your victory in front of your opponents. If you are obligated to somebody else, it means the opposite, you will have to humble in front of others that will cause much of the stress to you. The obligation is also interpreted as the symbol of… Read More


To dream of seeing one of these birds of night in a roosting position, is a sign that you ^all discover an important secret that relates to yourself: to see an owl flying foretells that some secret of your own will get out. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 3.