tranquility. Harmony and relationships. The dream about pheasant indicates these features that the dreamer has. He should put them into his personality or remove, depending on the circumstances of the dream and the feelings the one who is dreaming that has. This interpretation could be applied also for the other person in your waking life.


The parrot is the symbol of your inner self. The dream means that you should reconsider the important aspects in your life. The different colors indicate different meanings, therefore you should pay attention which one was the dominant one. The parrot could also mean that you have less energy, therefore it comes in your dreams.… Read More


The dream in which you are packing your personal belongings, signifies some major turnovers in your waking life. Perhaps you are preparing for something very important to you. The changes could be done only on the way you are thinking and prioritizing what is the most important thing to you and what is not. The… Read More


When you dream that you are paying the money for something, it means that you have a feeling that people are using you or you owe something for them. If you won the lottery in the dream, then such dream means that you are dreaming about something to get easily and do not put too… Read More


If you dream about the picnic, then such dream can have various meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. The picnic that is being held with the ones you love is a good omen that promises happy marriage, good friends and healthy children. The picnic that is being only by yourself shows how own… Read More


Usually planes are dreamed by those who are about to have some vacation. The plane could also indicate your desire to escape your life and be free from all of the responsibilities and duties. The plane is also known as the symbol of your smooth work that gets done very quickly. To get more detailed… Read More


If you dream that you are pregnant, then it means your financial situation will become much better then you expected. For some people pregnancy is very common dream, because they are trying to get pregnant. The women who are already pregnant also dreams about it all the time, because it is their reality at this… Read More


If you see a pool in a dream, then it is interpreted as the suggestion to be friendlier with the people you do not know so well. You should start having new friendships. The pool that is surrounded by the nature full of flowers and trees, signifies great love and marriage for the dreamer. The… Read More


The pirate is the symbol of freedom, your way against the rules and silliness. The pirate that is scaring you is known as the symbol of unexpected and unfortunate situations you will have to deal with. The pirate is also a symbol of dangers you should be aware while dealing against the law.


The pavilion means that you enjoy being surrounded by the company if there are more people in this pavilion. If you are enjoying the time with these people, the dream shows that you are in total happiness. If you wish to get out of this pavilion, your surroundings are unpleasant.


The dream in which you are piloting the plane shows how you are managing your life. If the flight goes smoothly and you have no difficulties while controlling the plane, you are comfortable and confident person. If you suffer some turbulence or have no idea what to do as a pilot, you will have minor… Read More


The pail in dreams is interpreted as you being very craving person, but only if the pail is empty. The full pail denotes to great things which brings prosperity and abundance. The pail that is full of milk means that you are in the peace of your own mind. No stress is in your life.


To dream that you are pregnant means that you will have to look after someone close to you because of the assistance they will need. The pregnancy is also very common dream for women who are expecting the child, therefore it is very normal to dream about your current state. The pregnancy could also show… Read More


The parakeet as the bird is very favorable omen, which brings happiness and joy in your waking life. The dream shows that you are quite relaxed person, who enjoys the friendships with those around him. The parakeet is also a symbol of relaxation, therefore the dreamer who sees the parakeet is the person who doesn’t… Read More

Paddle (oar)

The paddle indicates the fact that you are able to get from one direction to another very easily, because of the fierce you have. If you dream that you are in the boat and you lose your paddles, then such dream shows that you lost the control of your life.


The pelican in dreams is a symbolism of the stuff, relationships and every job you do that is too hard for you to cope with. Perhaps you should be more relaxed and stay away from the stuff you do, otherwise you will reach your limits and explode in negative way. The dream suggests to take… Read More


If you dream that you experience the paralysis, then such dream shows that you are suffering from the inability to control some parts of your life. Sometimes the heavy duvet that is covered on us causes the dreams like paralysis. In this case, the dream means nothing, you simply need a lighter duvet to cover… Read More


If you are reading some poetry in your dream, then such dream means that you are willing to do some research with the emotions and feelings you have. You are looking for a deeper connection within yourself and people that you are surrounded by.


The gas pedal in your dream is an indicator how you are controlling your life in reality. The pressure you give to it means that you have a fierce to move on without being afraid of consequences. Alternatively, the dream may show that you find it hard to stop while dealing with your issues. The… Read More