Various parts of the quilt indicate different explanations of the dream. Mostly quilts represents tranquillity, harmony and peace. The dream could also simply be a sign for you to keep doing whatever you are doing, because everything is going according to plan.


The quail in dreams is interpreted as the symbol of some distractions. The one who was dealing with them while dreaming will have to deal with minor problems that will cause much of the stress. The dream also means that you will get through it quickly, because it is not something that will break you… Read More


To dream about quagmire means that you are unable to fall asleep completely. Some part of your brain is still awake. The quagmire could also indicate the depression you are suffering from or some huge problem that you have no answer to solve it yet.


If you are asking the question about some matter, then such dream means that you are not sure about something and looking for suggestion. If someone is asking a question from you, you are appreciated and understood by those around you.


To dream that you are seeing yourself under some quilt, means that you are looking for safety, comfort and shelter. The dream means that you wish to keep these qualities in your life. If the quilt is made of many different pieces, it shows the harmony and equilibrium you are made of.


The quarrel in dreams is the symbol or hidden aspects the dreamer has. If you are quarrelling with the certain person, then it shows you haven’t told how you felt during your last meeting with this person. The dream shows that when you put enough of the time to solve the problem, then you will… Read More


When you dream about quarry, then it means that you will have to work as hard as you can, like you never did before. The dream, in which no one is seen doing anything at their work, signifies your frustration, because of other people’s mistakes. If you opened the very old quarry that no one… Read More


The dream about the queen could have very similar interpretations to the one the king has. The woman who dreams about being crowned is feeling special and appreciated by the surroundings she is in. The queen is also a symbol of happiness, joy, rich life and success the one has.


If you dream that you are quarrelling or are in conflict with someone, then such dream signifies the disagreements you have with yourself. It could mean that you are unable to make some important decision, because you keep choosing and jumping from one point to another. The dream could also indicate the actual life you… Read More


If a man dreams he is playing quoits, it is a sign he will soon have a quarrel. If a woman dreams she is playing quoits, it foretells she will have much trouble through life. To dream of quoit is not a good omen to lovers. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 57, 3.


To dream of quinces, is an excellent omen: if you imagine you are gathering quinces from trees full of fine-looking, yellow ones, it predicts that you will get just so much yellow gold, which will be a fortune. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 49, 6.


If a lady dreams of going to a quilting party, it foretells for her and her family thrift and good luck: gentlemen, who dream of being much entertained at such a party, will have the very best success in love matters. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 71, 54.


To dream of quarrelling with a stranger, is a sign you will make a new friend or acquaintance; if you imagine that you quarrel with a friend, it shows that you will soon have a pleasant and agreeable time with him: lovers who dream of quarrels, will be apt to bill and coo harder than… Read More


To dream of business intercourse with genuine broad brims, is a sign you will make, a bad bargain. If, in your dream, you see a concourse of Quakers, it foretells that you will not be fortunate in business matters. This omen is supposed to be predicated on the fact that the Quakers monopolize all the… Read More


To dream of these birds is a good omen: if you imagine you see young quail feeding, it is a sign of thrift, particularly to farmers: to be successful in shooting them in the proper season, also foretells good luck and success in any undertaking. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 76, 14.


The queen is a symbol of power and riches. On the other hand, it symbolizes maternity and personal growth. For a woman, this dream indicates her beauty and growing energy. For a guy, this dream indicates that he should listen to others with more care and patience.