If you see the railing, then it shows someone in your waking life that is going on the right track to their succession. If you see yourself to be holding on some rail, then it shows that you are looking for something stable and safe in your waking life. You do not feel fully grounded.… Read More


The rat in dreams a very unpleasant omen for those who dreamed about it, but it doesn’t have a very bad meaning. The rat is an indicator of the jealous people you are surrounded by. Someone wishes you bad, however you are not in contact with those people, therefore there is no danger for you.… Read More


If you dream that you are running for some reason, then such dream could be a suggestion to be not so fast and slow down. If you dream about the race that you are taking with someone else, then such dream represents your desire to be better than the others and reach the victory. If… Read More


Usually the rain is the symbol of negative emotions such as sadness and melancholy. Some people who are on depression dream about rain, because it is something that is unpleasant and sad to experience. In some cultures the rain is the symbol of life and growth, therefore you should pay attention to your feelings, how… Read More


If you are riding some animal or something else in your dream with confidence and have no fear while doing it, it shows that you are the person who is comfortable in his own skin and is not afraid to rule the world. You are simply do not go with the flow, because you know… Read More


If you are trying to understand some riddle and find the answer for it, it shows that you are in some situation in your waking life where you do not understand what is going on. The riddle could also denote to some situation in which you are feeling lost and also looking for the right… Read More


The referee in dreams is the symbol of someone special in your waking life who has the power to control you at some way. You feel that this person is like your leader and you would follow him and ask the questions from him about anything you wish to know.

Rummage sale

To dream that you are having a rummage sale signifies that the time has come for you to get rid of the negative things. You no longer need to think about something you do not like anymore, because life is short and if there is something that doesn’t satisfy you, move one. If you are… Read More


The room is the reflection of your life. If it is cozy and tidy, it shows that you are in pleasant environment. If the room is very messy, dirty, unclean or unorganized it means that you are struggling while coping with your life. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of particular… Read More


When you dream about seeing the racks that are for dishes, it shows that you are much related to the life in your home. The rack of the clothes indicates unexpected wedding. If you see yourself tortures on the rack, then such dream indicates your desire to eat whatever you like. The dream suggests to… Read More


The rabbit is the symbol of fertility. The one who dreams about it may be interested in intimacy more than usually he/her is. Or you wish to have descendants of your own and your soul is calling for it. Sometimes rabbits indicates the fears people have, because they are known as the animals who are… Read More


The dream in which you see the rice that are dry and in perfect condition indicates the fulfilment of all aspects of your personality. You feel that you know how to deal with all of the situations, the family life is perfect, the friendships are great and the job you do is going according to… Read More


The rage is not a good omen in dreams, because it shows that you will struggle while dealing with your financial situation or even the domestic relationships. When you see yourself flying in the rage, then it shows the pain and frustration which will be caused by you to those you love. If your sweetheart… Read More


The road in dreams signifies the dreamer’s path from one phase of his life to another. Some people who travel a lot dreams about roads a lot either, because they see it all the time. If you see the road that is straight, it means that you choose the right direction to your life. The… Read More


When you see the garden that is full of radish, then such dream foretells about great fortune for you. If you are planting the radish in the spring, you will get all the pleasures from your past. When eating the radish, then it is not very favourable omen, because it shows that you might destroy… Read More


The roof in dreams has a very important meaning, because it is something that protects us. If the roof is leaking or is broken in any other way, you are unable to control the forces that came onto you. The roof that is beautiful and perfectly fine, signifies the confidence you have in yourself. The… Read More

Running late

The dream in which you see yourself running late shows that you have too much things going on in your life. You should remove the extra work or responsibilities, otherwise you will get even more stressful. The dream shows that you are unable to relax even during your sleep. Sometimes running late may indicate your… Read More


The roadmap in dreams represents the questions you have while dealing with your life. The roadmap that is clearly understood and you are following towards your direction, means that you chose the right way to live your life. The roadmap that is very hardtop understand and you have no idea how to read it, means… Read More


For a dreamer to dream about the rabbit means that he is lurking for sexual adventures, because the rabbits are known as the symbols of the fertility. The rabbit could also be interpreted as the symbolism of silliness the one is suffering from. Perhaps he doesn’t see the obvious things and acts like someone very… Read More


The dream in which you see the river is a good dream, especially if it is clean and calm. The state of the water is the main important and significant thing about this dream, because if the water is muddy, dirty, or the river is very stormy, it shows your unstable mind and emotions. The… Read More


The rain is known as the symbol of fertility, especially if the dreamer is the woman. The rain is also very melancholic symbol and if the clouds are dark when it is raining, it shows the sad side of your personality. You feel all alone and by yourself. Perhaps you are looking for some affection… Read More


Usually the road is the symbol of your targets and the way you chose to reach them. The road that has no barriers is going straight, shows that you will get to your target very easily. If the road has some of the obstacles, beware of that and prepare yourself for hard journey to your… Read More