When you dream that you are running from someone, then it shows how you are trying to escape a certain situation or person. If you managed to run away from whatever you were running from, then you will be able to escape the things you don’t like. If you tried to run away, but couldn’t… Read More


The raft in dreams usually means that you are going through life in very risky way. Perhaps you are not sure about your future, you do not know where you will be brought with the flow and who will save you. You should rely only on yourself, because you cannot let yourself go with the… Read More


The ring in dreams is usually a sign of something very special in your life. The circle the ring has is interpreted as the eternity for love, life or anything you like. If you receive the ring from someone you are feeling loved. If you gave the ring to someone, it means that you are… Read More


To dream of any religious symbol, means that you are looking for deeper connection with divine aspects of your life. You are trying to make the connection with your spiritual world. Sometimes the dream suggests to become more religious at some point, because you got stuck in material stuff too much. Sometimes very religious people… Read More


The colour red in dreams is the symbol of apprehension, love, passion and sex. The dream could indicate that you are willing to have the intercourse with someone special, because of the passion you feel for him/her. The red colour is also known as the colour of anger, so make sure you control it.


The rooster or the cock is the animal of arrogance and silliness. Many men have this kind of the dream, especially if they are feeling the lack of sex. Sometimes the rooster can stand for particular person who you see as being someone very cocky, therefore he or she reflects in your dreams.


To dream that you are in restroom, means that you are actually want to go to toilet during your sleep. The restroom is also a symbol of your hidden desires to escape the reality you are in. Sometimes the restroom is interpreted as the sexual experience the one is looking for, especially if the intimate… Read More


The robin in dreams is interpreted as the new beginning. The new and fresh phase of your life will be entered very soon, therefore you will have to deal with unknowingness. However, there is no need to stress out, because the dream shows that no matter what you do, everything will turn out great, because… Read More


The rowboat shows which direction you choose while moving in your life. The dream in which you are rowing the rowboat means that you are perfectly coping with your life. Sometimes the dreams simply shows that if you wish to get something out of this life, you have to work really hard for it. To… Read More

Rear ended

To dream that you are rear ended means that you have some kind of apprehension being distanced from those you love. On the other side, the rear ended dream means that you have difficulties while trusting those around you. You have the issue that you will be cheated.


If you resign at some point of your dream, it means that you are actually trying to make huge changes in your waking life or already did it. Maybe you are not happy with your spouse partner and wish for a break up, or maybe it’s the jib that doesn’t satisfy you.


The rat very often indicates some people in your life that you do not feel secure being around them. The dream suggests to be aware of this fact. The rat is also something that is scary and appears in disgusting and unpleasant surroundings, so maybe you do not like this phase of your life and… Read More


To dream about the ray means that you are finding the peace within yourself and became even able to be in tranquility at the hardest times of your life. The spiritual side of your personality is growing very quickly. If the ray is experienced by the other person, all of these positive feelings are applied… Read More


When you dream about building the raft, then such dream foretells that you will understand that the fortune comes only when you put enough effort into it. If you dream that you are in the raft shows, then it signifies the huge amount of happiness you are going to enjoy through your hard work. If… Read More


The animal ram is interpreted as the omen of aggression, anger and even frustration. Maybe at this time of your life you feel that you are being treated unfair, therefore you feel angry about it. Sometimes the ram is the sign of your inability to cope with all of the information you are dealing with,… Read More


The rhinoceros is the symbol of protection and security. The one who is dreaming about this kind of animal is feeling confident, brave and very much sure about his decisions. Sometimes the rhinoceros is the omen of the situations or people in your waking life that are hard to understand. You feel like you are… Read More

Revolving door

The door is dreams usually represents the way from one part of your life to another. If you see yourself opening the revolving door and walking through them, it means you are feeling very assured about your actions and appearances among the others. If you are unable to open the revolving door or are afraid… Read More

Religious symbol

The dream in which you see some kind of religious symbol, indicates your desire to get more in touch with yourself and spiritual world. To dream about the religious symbol could also be interpreted as the suggestion to be aware with your inner thoughts and emotions, try to find deep connection with another world, because… Read More


The raccoon is the animal which symbolizes false friendships and lies. If you saw the raccoon, the dream suggests to be aware of the fact that some situation might be misleading in your waking life. The raccoon is also and animal who stands for lies that are being told to you, therefore you shouldn’t trust… Read More

Recurring dream

A dream that is recurring from time to time is giving you the message that you should start solving the problems, otherwise these dreams will appear again and again. Maybe there is some tasks you haven’t done yet, or sometimes people make promises, but don’t fulfil them and yet they start having recurring dreams.


To dream of rowing a boat in clear water, is a sign of good luck generally: if the water is muddy, it shows trouble and difficulties which may be overcome; if a lover dreams of rowing a boat with his lady-love in it, he will doubtless make a happy match. Lucky lottery dream numbers –… Read More


To dream of this vegetable, signifies that a secret will be discovered, which will occasion a muss in the family. To a girl, it is a sign she will lose her beauty and to a lover, it foreshadows he will be “cut out” by some other nice young man. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 38,… Read More


To dream of seeing rockets flying in the air, foretells joy and gladness at some event about to happen: to married people it denotes the birth of a child, or the marriage of a daughter if they have one old enough. If a young girl dreams of seeing a rocket, she needn’t trouble herself further,… Read More


To dream of a public tumult or riot, is a sign of scarcity and bad crops to farmers, and dull business to tradesmen and mechanics: if any friend or relative is injured in the riot, you or they will probably suffer from misfortune, but if they are successful and pacify the crowd, it foretells that… Read More


(See Run.) To dream of running a race on foot and wining it, is a sign of success in any undertaking — losing it, foretells disappointment. If you dream of going to a horse-race, it predicts poverty and shiftlessness. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 46, 7.