The seahorse in dreams is the symbol of magical aspects of your waking life that are not very common. However, these joys will be only for a short period of time. The dream also shows that the miracle is about to happen. Sometimes the seahorse is the reflection of the certain individual who has tender,… Read More


The dream in which you feeling being in the spotlight means that you like attention, but only if you enjoyed it during the dream. If you felt very uncomfortable while being in spotlight, you are feeling too much pressure from your surroundings. Perhaps you wish to have more privacy.


If you are looking at some samples of the goods that are for sale, then it means the prognosis of your financial incensements are unavoidable. If you have to choose between few samples and cannot make up your mind, you will have many prepositions that will be suitable for you. If others looking at the… Read More


If you dream about the safe, then such dream indicates your desire to hide something. Perhaps there is something you wish to hide, therefore you dream about the safe. The dream could also show that you have some walls that build in order to protect yourself from the harm that other people can cause you.… Read More

St. Patrick (The Saint)

To dream of any spiritual symbol or figure usually indicates our desire to know ourselves better and be in deeper connection with our inner self. The St. Patrick is also very common dream for Irish people, because of the celebration they are having every year which brings much joy and happiness in their lives.


The sweater you are wearing is seen as the omen of comfort. The dreamer could also be looking for security and shelter and the sweater is the symbol of it. It protects you from the badness and scary situations you might get yourself into. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please also see the meaning… Read More


To dream that you see the Satan in your dream means that you are feeling afraid about some situation in your waking life. The Satan is also a symbol of the negative aspects of your personality. Perhaps you do not let out your bad emotions and all of the negativity shows up during your dream.


The seat is the place where we relax and enjoy being on our own. The dream may mean that you are feeling tired and the subconscious mind of yours is sending you the message to take the break and relax for a while. Perhaps you have no time for yourself at this time of your… Read More


The skunk in dreams is the anger that the dreamer hasn’t expressed yet. Sometimes the skunk indicates the confidence the one is carrying with himself. The skunk has various meanings depending on the feelings during the dream and circumstances.

Star of David

The star of David signifies your religious views and connections. The dream could indicate your desire to find the spiritual connection within yourself and unknowingness. Sometimes the religious dream could simply represent the person in your life who believes a lot in God or have a very deep connection with religious aspects. Sometimes the dream… Read More


The sex in dreams is interpreted as an omen of your intimate life either mental or physical one. The dream could be a reflection of someone in your life that is very close to you. Having intercourse with your partner means that you love and dear him/her very much. Sometimes the sex with some person… Read More


To dream of the squirrel means that you are very active person. Sometimes the squirrel could indicate some person in our waking life that reminds us of the squirrel. Some people who live in big cities see squirrels in their dreams, because they see them in reality, therefore it is simply a reflection of the… Read More


To dream about the person you don’t know shows that you are afraid of unknown situations or people. Perhaps you are the person who likes his privacy. The stranger in dreams may also denote to the person you know, but do not recognize the way he or she is acting, therefore you look at him… Read More

Struggle in attack

If you are struggling while attacking someone, you feel that you do not have enough power to control your life such as your relationships or certain situations. The struggling in attack could also denote to your inability to express your emotions. You keep the tension and aggression to yourself instead of letting it go.


To dream about your spouse partner means that you are thinking a lot about certain person. Perhaps you spend a lot of time together, therefore you even dream about him/her. Alternatively, people who miss their spouses dream about them as well, because of the time they haven’t met or simply are very much in love.… Read More


If you dream about the swan, then such dream shows that you recognizing beauty and grace within yourself. The swan is also a symbol of love, therefore it could show how much in love you are at this time of your life. In some dreams the swan could be interpreted as the other person who… Read More


The shipwreck in dreams signifies the fact that you are feeling destroyed and frustrated. The dream shows that your dreams have been smashed because of the others actions. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of ship.

Speed boat

The speed boat that was driven by you shows how fast you are going through life. The bigger the speed the more intensive is your lifestyle. Perhaps you wish to see and do as much as you can in your life. Sometimes it could be interpreted as the suggestion to slow down. If you feel… Read More


The shoe lace shows how much you look after yourself, you like to keep things in place. You will good when you are controlling the situation. To try on the shoelace means that you are looking for different ways in order to keep everything perfect. Sometimes the shoelace indicates things that you are no longer… Read More


The string is the symbolism of the connection between 2 people. Sometimes the string shows that you are too much attached to particular person, therefore you see the string. Some people feel the necessity for more personal space, but certain relationships or lifestyle doesn’t provide that, these people also dream about string. If you are… Read More

Sea lion

The sea lion is the animal that doesn’t do any harm, it signifies friendship, loyalty and playful side of your personality. If you played with sea lion, it could even mean that you have a very big love for animals or simply are ready to have a children of your own if you do not… Read More


The saddles in dreams indicates great news and happy times the dreamer is going to have. The dream also shows some trip the one is going to have, that will change him in completely different way and will make the peace in his mind. The saddle of the horse indicates riches and even better if… Read More

Snow leopard

To dream about snow leopard is interpreted as the indicator of your fierce, strength and wisdom. You are the person who acts quietly, but chooses to be strong as well. The snow leopard indicates all of the aspects of your personality that have no fear to do whatever you want to do. You are able… Read More