Third place

To dream that you took the third place in some kind of competition, means that you are doing great and the results of your hard work already showing up. If you felt very unhappy, because you won the third place and not the second or first one, then such dream means that you are the… Read More


The twins in dreams are the symbol of duality, happy family life and special bond with your relatives. Some people who wish to have children dream about baby twins. The twins could also represent the lack of individuality the dreamer is suffering from.


The turtles are the symbols of long life and great health. Because it is not a very common animal, the dream is not very often either, so if the one has such a dream, it means that very unusual situations will come into your life, but not necessarily bad ones. Maybe you will find some… Read More


To dream about your teacher means that you have decent respect for this person. Sometimes the teacher is interpreted as the good example which gives you the will to be just as him or her. The teacher could be like a metaphor of the person you are learning from and who has a big influence… Read More


The tree that is blooming indicates new phases in your life. The spring time came into your life. The trees that have no leaves signify the melancholic and maybe even sad period of your life time. Trees during the winter indicates the stagnation. Trees on summer time, the best days in your life.


To dream of being a tattoo artists means that you are trying to make things better for someone, but actually making it worse. If someone is giving you a tattoo, you will have to sacrifice at some point of your life and this will leave a huge mark on you, you will have to return… Read More


To dream that you are using the tape, means that you want to make a special bound with someone particular, especially if you are the one who bought it. The tape could also mean that you feel too much of the attachment and wish to be free at some point of your life. You’re lacking… Read More


If you hear other people talking loudly about not important things, it means that people will talk behind your back bad things about you. If you are the one who talks, it shows your desire to be heard and listened, because you have things to say that are important to you.


The tunnel in dreams is very interesting dream, because it shows our will to know more about unknown things. Sometimes the tunnel indicates the fear of unknowingness, but only if you felt scared during the dream. The tunnel could also be a symbol of the new phase in your waking life.


The great celebration is waiting for the dreamer if he is dreaming about tambourine. If you see the roman man playing the tambourine, then you will have to work hard not only for yourself, but for others either. If you see the brand new and excellent tambourine, you will gain your goods.

Tool way

The tool way in dreams signifies going from one phase to another in your waking life. The dream can indicate the facts that already happened, the ones that happening at this time of your life or some situations that are waiting for you in the future. If you paid for the tool way in your… Read More

Talk show

To dream that you are in the talk show means that you have the need to be surrounded by other people. Perhaps you didn’t have much of the communication in the last days or weeks, therefore you wish to chat with others. Sometimes the talk show could indicate some important message you wish to spread… Read More


To dream that you see yourself being in the temple, means that you are trying to find the spiritual aspects of your personality. You try to find the connection between yourself and other world that is unknown to us. The temple could also indicate the new phases of your life that you are trying to… Read More


The tornado is the symbol of your mind where you feel much of the stress. Your emotions are just like that tornado and you do not know how to control those feelings. If you dream about the tornado quite often, you should start thinking about your life and the changes that needs to be done.… Read More


When you dream about the tailor, then it means you will argue with those you care. If you are fighting with the tailor, you will make the damage yourself. If the tailor made a measurements of your body, you should be careful, because the enemy can harm you very badly.


To dream about the Thanksgiving Day when the one is coming on the way, means that you are very excited about it and waiting for it. If you dream about this, but it’s still far away, then there is something that happened to you during this day and you still remember it because it made… Read More


The tortoise could have many different meanings depending on the circumstances in your life and your dream. Sometimes it indicates the protection and shelter you have built for yourself. In other explanations it is saying that tortoise is the symbol of long life, stability and great patience the one has. The tortoise could also indicate… Read More

Tidal wave

The tidal wave symbolizes the confusion the dreamer has at this time of his life. Perhaps he is stressing out a lot about some matter. The dream suggests to do something immediately about it, because the stress is too hard to cope with. The tide wave is the symbol of your survival instincts either.


People dream about time a lot, especially the ones who are afraid to be late. The time could also foretell about our view towards the world and what do we do with our time. Do we enjoy it? Id the time goes very slowly in dream, it means that we are very relaxed.