If you dream that you are being unfaithful to your partner means that you are having thoughts of being by yourself or have a crush on the person who you were unfaithful with. The dream shows that you are not happy the relationships you are in, at least this time of your life. If your… Read More


If you see yourself being ugly, it means that you are going to have some fights with your partner, family, friends or colleagues. The ugly places, buildings and the rest of the surroundings in your dream foretells about the sadness and depression that you are suffering from.


If you dream that you unlock something, it shows the secrets that are being revealed. If you unlock something that you shouldn’t unlock, because it doesn’t belong to you, you will take some risks in your waking life that might be even dangerous. Think twice before you put yourself into unknown situation.


To dream that you are undressing means that you will have some fights with your loved one, because of your shocking conduct. To see another person getting undress means that this dream will bring you bad fortune. Probably you will fail. If someone is undressing because of you, you will suffer for your scandalous behaviour.


If you dream of someone being untrustworthy or even lying to you, the dream shows that you do not trust this person. You could also be jealous because of him or her communicating with other people. If you dream that you are the one who is untrustworthy, you are feeling unappreciated by your friends and… Read More


If you are undressing in your dream, it could mean that you wish to get rid of the fake face and emotions you were having while being with those around you. Perhaps you are tired of pretending being not yourself, therefore you dream about undressing. If the other person is undress in your dream, it… Read More


If you see yourself being exposed only in your underwear, then you will suffer shame and guilt for something you have done. If the other person you see in a dream is only in his underwear, then it means that he will be in the same position you would have been.


When the one is dreaming about the umbrella, it means that he is trying to cope with the unfavourable issues in his waking life. If the umbrella is completely open, the dreamer is giving himself a shelter in order to protect from the evil. The opening of umbrella could also mean that the dreamer is… Read More


To dream about the uniforms means that you lost yourself. You feel that you have no identity and no longer could say who you are, what do you like and why you do whatever you do. The other explanation about the uniform foretells that you feel well fitted into community and have no shocking facts… Read More


To dream that you are unclothed and have none of the clothes on yourself, means that you are very vulnerable. If you feel ashamed about it, it shows that you feel insecure in your life, therefore you dream about being naked. If you show up in public place being naked, you feel afraid of being… Read More


To dream that you are in some building that is build underground, means that you chose to separate yourself from the others. You will lose luck because of your choice. The underground could also indicate your desire for protection and shelter, because you do not feel safe while living the life. On the positive note,… Read More


To dream that you are underwater means that you feel out of some situation or relationships. Sometimes the dreamer who is underwater is trying to hide himself/herself from the world because he or she doesn’t know how to act in certain situation. If you see the other person being underwater, it could have the same… Read More


If a young girl dreams that she has got a new umbrella, it foretells a new lover: if a married woman dreams this, it is a sign that some other gentleman besides her husband is enamoured of her. A man who dreams of buying an umbrella will have a narrow escape from threatened danger. Lucky… Read More


Seeing a urinal in your dream symbolizes disorder in your personal relationships. Urine is symbol of having or lacking basic control of your life. Seeing urine in a dream means rejected feelings. Urinating symbolizes a cleansing and release of negative or repressed emotions. Urinating in public in a dream symbolizes a lack of privacy or… Read More


Dreaming of having an umbrella in hand announces problems and unpleasant situations for which the dreamer should prepare. Dreaming of other people carrying umbrellas in their hands hints that someone will approach the dreamer for help. Dreaming of asking to borrow an umbrella announces negative and unpleasant moments that will make the dreamer to ask… Read More