Video recorder

To dream that you are recording some kind of video, means that you are very creative person. The dream could also indicate the fact that there is something going on in your waking life that you wish to remember, therefore in dream you are using the video recorder. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please… Read More


The vulture shows that everything in life is going in circles. The vulture could also mean that you tend to think better about yourself then the others. The dream about vulture shows that some of these features are applied to you. Sometimes the dreamer who dreams of vulture is the person who is known by… Read More


To dream that some kind of verdict is about to be heard in court, means that you are awaiting for very important news. The verdict could also indicate your fear of being judged because you did something not good. The conscience is being felt. The dream suggests to get over it and if it is… Read More


To dream that you see yourself being vagrant foretells that you will experience misery and sadness. If you give vagrant to someone else, it is a good omen, which promises riches and abundance. When you are communicating with vagrants, you will be trusted by important people.


Any kind of vehicle indicates your movement through life and different phases such as past, present and the future. If the vehicle is moving perfectly and you are the one who is controlling it, it shows your ability to manage your life perfectly. If the vehicle is damaged or broken, it shows that some parts… Read More


If you are vomiting in the dream, then it shows the emotions you want to get rid of. There are certain situations you are no longer able to handle. Sometimes vomiting is dreamed by those who ate too much before their sleep. To get more detailed dream interpretation please see the meaning of being sick.


The vison in dreams is interpreted as the things we usually don’t see, but the subconscious mind is telling us the way it is, even if we don’t see it in reality, The vison could also be interpreter as the denial we are putting in our waking life, but we actually now the way everything… Read More


If you dream that you are drinking vodka, then such dream could mean that you are trying to forget something that is painful to you. The dream shows that you wish to get away from some of the thoughts and emotions. The fact that you are using the alcohol could also show that you are… Read More


If you dream about any kind of the vehicle, then such dream indicates your urge to travel. You wish to explore the world and to know different people. If you are traveling on your own, you wish to escape the life you live at the moment and become free as the bird.


To dream that you have a visitor who is your friend is a good omen. The visitor that is unknown to you and wears black outfit means that you should be careful with yourself and those you love. If the visitor looks bad and tired, it means that other people’s actions will hurt you, however… Read More


To dream about the vault that has been given to you or you bought it from someone, means frustration and sadness the one will suffer, because of the loos he will have. The vault that contains beneficial things is interpreted as the warning to be careful with your own health. The vault that is open… Read More

Virgin Mary

To dream of any religious figure, means that you are trying to find the connection between yourself and spiritual you. The Virgin Mary is the symbol of your mother in some dreams as well. The tenderness and goodness of your mother causes dreams about Virgin Mary. To get better understanding about your dream, please also… Read More

Video camera

If you are recording something on the video camera, it shows your desire to keep the important memories, no matter if they are pleasant or not. If someone is using the camera to videotape you, you should be careful of the certain person, because they could use the evidence that was taken with that camera.… Read More


To dream that you see the volcano means that there is some issue that needs to be looked at. If you see the eruption of the volcano, the changes must be done immediately. Sometimes the volcano represents the emotional turbulence the dreamer is having and it shows that the emotions can’t be kept inside.


When you dream about the valley, then such dream indicates the new beginning for a dreamer. He will step into the new world that is exciting. The valley that is poor means the opposite and will bring into his life only sadness and misery which is impossible to avoid.


The dream in which you receive some kind of vaccination, indicates the opposite sex who will affect you and your behaviour a lot. To dream of witnessing other people receiving vaccination, represents despair in love and relationships. To dream of any kind of vaccination is interpreted as the will to make insidiousness.

Vivid dream

The vivid dreams are not very common ones, but usually if the dreamer is dreaming about it, then it means that you should pay the immediate attention to that dream. You should pay attention of what did you see in the dream and what you suppose to do? Try to understand what kind of message… Read More


To dream about the visitation means that the end for something has come. You finally understand that there are certain things that must be left in the past. Sometimes the visitation dream is caused by the fact that the dreamer has lost the loved one, because of this person death, and the dream is interpreted… Read More


If you are a grown up woman who is not married yet and dreams of veil, then it could signify your desire to get married. You are ready to commit. The veil could also indicate the growth of your personality where you feel strong and ready to walk into different phase of your life. Sometimes… Read More

Voice message

To dream that you hear the voice message means that you wish to say something important. There are things that must be heard by others, and have to be said by you. The voice message that you received from someone else means that you are looking forward for some news. It could also mean that… Read More


To dream about the velvet means that you wish to obtain luxury and richness in your waking life. The velvet furniture in your dream indicate the comfortable and great life you have created to yourself. The velvet clothing could simply reflect nowadays fashion, because many of the clothing items are made of velvet and it’s… Read More


To dream that you bought many vegetables is a good omen, because it shows the abundance you’re living in. The vegetables could also indicate the fact that there are missing nutrition in your organism and your body is calling out for help during the sleep, because it wants food that is good to your health.… Read More


If you dream that you are recording the VCR, it shows your desire to hold on to the past. The dream could also represent the creative side of your personality. If you are watching VCR, it shows the strong connection with your past, because the memories are very important to you. The dream may also… Read More


If you dream that you put something in the vault, then such dream indicates your fear and apprehension of being used by other people. You feel insecure, therefore you think you must hide not only yourself, but things that belong to you. The dream suggests to be less paranoid and start trusting people. If you… Read More


If a man dreams that he deflowered a virgin, it is a sign that he will be disgraced by some act of his own: to dream of seeing the Virgin Mary, foretells that great honours await you: such a dream, to an honest business man, promises him riches and honour; but to a dishonest one,… Read More