Welcome mat

To dream of the welcome mat means that you are entering the new phase of your life. The dream shows that you are trying to enter the unknown zone. The door mat could also indicate your neglect ion about some matter or the fact that you do not accept yourself for who you are.


The dream in which you won the bet, means that the fortune is on your way. If you lost one of the wagers, you will be disappointed a lot and might suffer illness and losses. To make a wager means that you will have the different thoughts you had before.

Wake up

To dream that you wake up and do the usual things you do in the morning, means that you are worrying of oversleeping. You can’t get yourself into the deep sleep, therefore you keep dreaming of waking up. If you dream that you wake up at the night, it shows that you can’t relax properly… Read More


The wind is the symbol of variations and alterations in your waking life. If the wind is very strong, the changes will be significant, but if it is not very strong or even mild one, you will not have any huge changes in your waking life. On the other hand, the strong wind indicates the… Read More


To dream that you are married, when in waking life you’re not may have several meanings. Perhaps you wedding is on the way, therefore you already see yourself as being married. The wedded dream could also show your desire to be married. If you are married, the dream is a reflection of your waking life.… Read More


To dream that you are drinking wine may have many various explanations. Make sure you pay attention to the way you felt during the dream. Drinking wine could indicate the fact that you are trying to forget your problems, therefore you think that alcohol will help you get over with it. Sometimes the people who… Read More


The weather in dreams is interpreted as the conditions of your inner self. The good weather when the sun is shining is a good omen, because it promises happiness in life. If the weather conditions are bad, your mind and life is a mess. You should start fixing up things in your waking life.


The dream in which you are wading in clear water signifies great fortune. The muddy water in which you are wading represents sickness, disappointments. If the dreamer is having games in the water, then the love will come in his life very soon.


To dream that you are looking through the window means that you are thinking about the life and the opportunities it gives to you, but only if the window is pend. If the window is close, you feel trapped in some parts of your life. Seeing the house that has many windows, means that you… Read More


If you dream about your wife, there is a reason for that therefore pay attention to the emotions that you felt while dreaming of your wife. Make sure you look into your dream deeper and what you have said to your wife, what conversations you had and what you were doing in the dream. The… Read More


To dream that you see the wound on your own body, means that you should be aware at this time of your life more than ever. Make sure you pay attention what kind of accident made that wound on you and try to avoid being in these situations in your waking life.


To dream that you are walking through beautiful places such as fields, forests or tidy city, means that you will be lucky with your financial situation and personal relationships. If the road is full of obstacles, you will face some barriers in your life either. If you made through that path easily even with all… Read More


The woodchuck indicates the things in life such as the cycle of life. If you see one in your dream, it means that you are going from one phase of your life to another. The woodchuck could also represent the minor and hard work the one is doing. Alternatively, the dreamer might be suffering from… Read More


To dream that you see a whale means that you think of being aware. The dream may also show that you have a perfect connection with your spirituality. Alternatively, the whale can indicate something in your waking life that is too hard to handle. Maybe you have too big project or you are unable to… Read More


The wings are interpreted very similar to the dream meaning of flying, depending on the circumstances of the dream. It usually foretells about the need for freedom, your own space and independence. Perhaps you wish to fly away from everything and escape the current situation. You’ve got problems in your life. The flapping of the… Read More


The wolf is the symbol of wisdom, therefore if there is one seen in the dream, it indicates protection and smartness. The dream in which you are chased by the wolf signifies the psychological problems you have. The wolf that attacks you shows the problems and enemies you will have to face. The dream in… Read More


The dreamer who sees the woodpecker will have to use his creative aspects of his personality in order to get his life a better perspective. The dream in which you see the woodpecker could also mean that you should be careful with your money, because you might lose them. If the woodpecker is working hard,… Read More


To dream that you are weaving means that you are looking for the ways to relax. The weaving could also indicate your ability to make things out of nothing. The weaving could also be interpreted as the symbol of relationships between two or more individuals.


The wake in dreams is interpreted as the celebration the dreamer is having. The wake that is seen in the dream could indicate something in the dreamer’s life that has come to an end. To get more detailed dream interpretation please also see the meaning of burial, it will give you more information about your… Read More