If you dream that you are using the Xerox company machine and making some copies of certain documents, then such dream indicates the things you wish to share with those around you. There are some information that you have and wish to let others know it as well.

X-ray vison

The dream in which you have a special power to see things in X-ray vison means that you are in the time of your life where you see things as clearly as you can. The dream in which you are looking at people and see everything that they have underneath they clothes, could mean that… Read More


If you are looking an x-ray while dreaming, then such dream shows that you are prepared to look deeper into some situation. Maybe you are interpreting yourself and finally are ready to think about it more than ever. The x-ray means that you will get the answer you were looking for and everything will go… Read More


If you see some human being playing with xylophone, it means that you will get to your target very easily. If the sound that come from xylophone is hard to listen to, you will need some help immediately, because this situation could become hard to handle.