Yard sale

If you dream of the yard sale, it means that you are trying to get rid of things in your life or emotions that cause you negative feelings. The yard sale that is made by other people shows that you are trying to get the advice from others.


To dream that you see the yak in the dream foretells about the ability to adapt in various and difficult conditions. The dream shows that sometimes the life puts you into very hard circumstances, but you manage to get through no matter what the life brings you. The yak could also indicate some person in… Read More


The dream in which you see someone yawn means that the friend who is close to you will get some kind of sickness. When you are the one who is yawning, then you will have a minor disappointments if you won’t let yourself down, because it is never good to expect more than you can… Read More


To dream of the yam could mean that you are feeling hungry during your sleep. The yam is also a symbol of nourishment the dreamer gives to himself. The yam could also indicate the special day of the year you are celebrating.


To dream that some of your close friends or family members are yearning, means that you will be offered for some great surprises from those you love. If you are yearning with your partner, you will live in joy, peace and happiness most of the time.


The animal yoke that is seen in the dreams indicates the hard work the dreamer does while achieving his/hers goals. The explanation could be applied to someone in his life as well. The dream could also represent the leader of the company.


The dream in which you see the piece of yarn may indicate some issue that is more difficult than it looks from the beginning. If you see the ball of the yarn, it means that you are able to figure out some answers to the questions you’ve had before. If you are winding the yarn,… Read More


To dream that you became young again, means that you are longing for the old days. It could also show that you are regretting the things that happened in the past. To see your children being young, means that you are worrying about them too much and wish to protect because of some matter. For… Read More


The yard that is very tidy, full of trees, flowers and the pavement looks perfectly, represents your responsible aspects of the personality. You like to take care not only of yourself, but those around you either. If you see yourself running around the yard, playing in it, it shows that you are missing the days… Read More


If you dream of the yeast that made the dough to rise, then it shows some situation that is rising above and you are able to see what is going on there at the moment. The yeast could also indicate the tendency of yours to look after the others.


The yacht just like any other boat indicates the life you are living. If you have a smooth flow with this yacht, your life is also easy one to live. If the yacht is floating in stormy conditions, you should reconsider what you want out of life.


To dream of seeing sleek and healthy cattle yoked-together and acting in harmony, is a sign of a happy marriage: if a girl dreams this, she will be apt to put her own neck in Hymen’s yoke before a great while. To imagine you see yoked cattle wrangling, and trying to get their necks out… Read More


To dream you see a yacht under full sail, while you are on shore, is a sign you will soon fall in love with a pretty maid, or widow. To dream you are sailing in a yacht with a pleasant breeze, is a good omen, and denotes success in business, and to lovers, happiness. Dreams… Read More


If an old or middle aged person dreams that they are young, it foretells their death: for a young person to dream that he or she is a child, the omen is similar; but to dream of youths, is a sign that you will live to a great age. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 69,… Read More


Dreaming of a yacht in which we are sailing on, and where we’re enjoying a luxurious atmosphere can be interpreted as our desire to break ties with the limitations of everyday life. Some authors interpret these dreams as a warning to potential thoughtless impulses to escape from reality.