The zebra in dreams is the omen of necessity for stability. Perhaps you cannot decide what you wish for in life, therefore you are living the life jumping from one point to another. The zebra also indicates changes in our lives that are imminent.


The zombie that scares you, indicates the things you don’t know and things that threatens you. The zombie is also a symbol of something that is no longer alive. If you see the zombie that is chasing you, you are dealing with your negative past. The other explanation says that you are still not feeling… Read More


If you see zebra in your dream, then such dream indicates two sides of your personality. The one is happy and the other one is sad and angry. The zebra is the symbol of your life, its ups and downs and ability to find the right balance.


The dream in which you see yourself working with the zinc promises great growth of your business and also financial situation. There will be some changes, but all only for good. If you are eating the zinc, you should check up on your health and look if you need any extra nutrition.


If you read the Zodiac and feeling awkward about this fact, then it means that some kind of unpleasable incident will make you sad or even angry. Make sure you prepare yourself for that, then it won’t be a surprise of something unfavourable. If you read the Zodiac and enjoying it, it means that the… Read More


To dream, of seeing a zebra, is a sign of a quarrel: if you imagine that somebody presented you with one of these animals, or that you have purchased it, it foretells, to a young man, that he will marry a rich but quarrelsome wife, and that she will be constantly annoying him by bragging… Read More


(See Parade.) To dream you see Zouaves, as well as other soldiers and armed men, denotes, that you will have quarrels and trouble in your family, if you have one, and if you have not, among your relatives: to the single man, this dream foreshadows that his sweetheart loves another better than himself; and to… Read More


When you are dreaming of yourself visiting a zoo, then it can mean that you will suffer ups and downs in business, work and feelings, because the competition or some of the rivals are trying to buy time and gain advantages, regardless of the recourses. It also implies the possible trips in some of the… Read More