AqTqah rites dream meaning

(Hair of a newborn | Immolation offered on the seventh day for a newborn | Islamic tradition of shaving the hair of a newborn on the seventh day after his birth | Sacrament | Weighing the shaved hair of a newborn and distrib- uting an equal measure in gold or silver in charity for his benefit.) The offering of an ‘Aq’iqah ceremony in a dream represents glad tidings, the arrival of a long awaited person, recovering from an illness, or the release of a prisoner. Partici- pating in the sacrament of the ‘Aq’iqah rites in a dream also could represent a growing faith and certitude, and emulating the blessed traditions of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace. If the sacrifice presented in one’s dream on that day is a permissible one and if one fulfills all the necessary rituals in his dream, then it denotes his praiseworthy character and the success of his endeavors. If one offers a non-permissible sacrifice in his dream and presents it to people to eat from, then his dream represents a recalcitrant child, or a rebellious son. (Also see ‘Aq’iq canyons | Carnelian-red)

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