Balloon dream meaning

When you dream of seeing ballons it represents your frustration of finding your soul mate, the true love you have been looking for a very long time. It seems that there is a possibility for you life to get completely upsidedown. Keep in mind that ballons also represent pomposity and very high ambitions about yourself. If you saw ballons that are black it signifies sadness and uhapiness you are suffering from, especially if those ballons are becoming smaller and smaller. If you dream of the ballon that is pumping up with the air or becoming bigger and bigger it symbolizes the desperation and your wish to run from those problems away. The other meaning of seeing ballons indicates celebrations, parties and happy time. If you dream of the ballon that has blowed up it shows that there are some circumstances which you have not noticed yet, but it signifies the target you had no idea you reached. Keep in mind that when the ballon blows up it could also show the difficulties you are suffering from. It seems that you are not able to control these emotions anymore and now is the time when they exploded as it is too hard for you to keep them in. If you dream of being in a hot air ballon it represents your need for the relief. Make sure you will try to get over the things that did not let you moving forward. This dream shows you that you do not remain firm on the ground. Seeing ballons could also be a sign from your subconcsiuos mind that is looking for peace and rest. You want to feel the idol to someone.

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