Beggar dream meaning

(Hobo | Mendicant | Poverty | Richness) In a dream, a beggar represents a seeker of knowledge. If he is given what he is begging for in a dream, it means that he will succeed in his pursuit of knowledge. His humbleness and his submission when asking means victory. Beggars in a dream also imply sorrow, worries, distress, or contemplation. If one sees a beggar receiving or taking something from him in a dream, it means being in dire need for something, or he could represent the death of the person intended in the dream. If one sees beggars entering his house or his town in a group in a dream, it means dispersal of his family or household and if they take something from his house, it means a catastrophe. A beggar in a dream also represents a student, and the giver represents the teacher or shaikh. If one sees himself begging, but to no avail in a dream, it means that he will be humiliated. (Also see Hobo | Poverty)

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