Birthday dream meaning

If you were dreaming about the birthday, this dream could have many meanings and different explanations. The most important thing when analyzing your dream is to try to identify whom birthday it was. If the birthday was yours and you were having a good time, it signifies that you feel accepted among your community and/or you feel happy of who you are and the life you have. The dream also shows that mostly of your dreams have been fulfilled and now you feel like every day is a big celebration. If you dreamed of having a birthday party and no one attended it, there is a possibility that you feel neglected and abandoned. Even if you had no party in your dream, but no one congratulated you, this also foretells about your state of being forgotten. Maybe in reality you do not have too many friends or the ones you have are not real friends, maybe you are single and feeling lonely in your life. Try to find the connection between your state in the reality and your dream. Consider of how old you are, as the dream could be a sign of the fear of getting old. There is no need to face your age, as every period of your life is beautiful in it’s own way, so you should start enjoying yourself instead of worrying about not being young anymore. The most important thing is to stay young in your heart, not in your true age. There are more explanations about Birthday as it can be related to dreaming of Fiesta, Celebration and Birth. Please look into these explanations also, as it would give you more of the understanding of your dream.

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