Bites dream meaning

If you’ve dreamed of seeing bites it foretells about the evil you are surrounded by. You should stay wide awake and pay more attention to people you are in contact. Be careful as the enemy manages to destroy many things. Evil is not point of view, because it is something that people chose to do or not to do and mostly all of the bad things happen instantly. This is an example that you never know what to expect from the others and especially at this time of your life you’ve got t stay focused and careful. If you were dreaming that someone bit you, then it signifies to your inability to deal with severities. Maybe you have the barriers which should be removed, otherwise you will stay at the same point you are now. If the vampire has bitten you, you’ve got to get rid of the person that gives you bad influence and/or is not honest with the relationships you have and is not thankful for what you give to him/her. You must know that you can’t expect a thing from the others as no one will stand up for you especially when you need it most, therefore you’ve got to trust no one but yourself. If you’ve dreamed that you’ve bitten someone it symbolizes your worries and annoyingness towards the others. It seems that you seek too much from those around you. People are not able to fulfill your wishes or do the things only in your way. Try to act like an adult, instead of being a kid.

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