Carnelian-red dream meaning

{arb. Aqiq. A variety of chalcedony | Crystalline mineral | Gem | Jewelry | Precious stone | Stone) Seeing a Carnelian-red stone in a dream means dispelling poverty. At the beginning of the creation, of all stones, the Carnelian- red was the first stone that testified to God’s Oneness. If one sees himself in a dream concluding his ablution or ritual bath with the essence of a Carnelian- red, it means that he owns something blessed. Such blessings will manifest in one’s work and success in his material as well as spiritual life. A Carnelian-red stone in a dream also represents one’s progeny, good religious conduct, good character, while seeing the white variety of this stone has a stronger meaning and a better attribute than the red. (Also see Aqlq canyons | Aqiqah rites)

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