Clown dream meaning

The dream, in which you see the clown, represents childishness, playfulness and ridiculousness. The face and mine of the clown indicates your own feelings and emotions. If the clown was happy and playful, then such dream foretells about happiness in your personality. Perhaps any event of the life causes joy, therefore you see the happy clown. If he is sad or angry, then it shows the frustration you are suffering from. Perhaps the current situation of your life doesn’t give you any satisfaction, instead it causes stress and apprehension. When you have a fear of clowns in your waking life, then such dream could be interpreted as the nightmare where you feel helpless to control the situation. The dream could also indicate certain person in your life that you do not trust. Perhaps the dream suggests you to be careful with this person while communicating. Or there is someone in your life you do not know at all, because this person is claiming to be someone else. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of Jester.

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