Crush dream meaning

If you have a crush on someone in a dream, then such dream indicates the particular problem you are trying to solve or get rid of it. Perhaps the unconscious mind of yours is sending the signal to you, which shows how much you are worrying. The dream, in which you have a crush on someone, could also indicate the special feelings you have towards someone in your waking life. Such dreams could also indicate the present status of your feelings towards someone in your life. If you are spending lots of time with this person in your daily life or thinking about him/her either, then dreaming about the crush is very normal, because your feelings are the same while you are sleeping. The dream, in which someone has rejected you and you had a crush on this person, shows your fear of being neglected. If there is someone in your dream that has a crush on you, then it shows how much you appreciate yourself and trust your own power. The present crush in your waking life indicates what kind of relationships you have in your daily life. If your crush doesn’t have the same feelings you have towards him, then it shows your worries and anxieties about that certain person. Perhaps you do not feel that you have deserved to be either this person or simply are not worth him. Maybe the unconscious mind is protecting you by getting ready to be rejected. The dream could also suggest you to become more trustful in yourself.

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