Dead dream meaning

If you see dead people around you, then such dream warns that you are surrounded by bad people or not appropriate ones. The dead people could also represent the losses you will suffer from, especially material ones. The dreamer should also consider if there are any people in your life that you recently lost and are unable to deal with it. If there is someone in your life that passed away for a long time and you have dreamed about this person, then it means there are certain features in this person you recognize in yourself. It means that you must recognize these issues and get rid of them as soon as it is possible. If you see your relatives such as your parents or children being dead in a dream, then it means you are afraid of losing these people too soon. Every one of us has many things to say to our relatives before they are passing away, therefore the dream suggests to tell it now and do not wait for the last moment. If you dream of seeing people that are dead in the waking life, but you see them being alive in a dream, then it means you are longing for these people, therefore you are fantasying and seeing them alive. To get the better dream interpretation about dead meaning, please also see the symbolism of Dying or Die.

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