Donkey dream meaning

When you dream about the monkey, then such dream shows the impervious and stubborn aspects of your personality. Perhaps you are unable to collaborate with those around you. The dream, in which you see the donkey that is dead, denotes to disappointments because of the stubbornness you are carrying within yourself. If the donkey has pushed you or made any other kind of damage to you, then it shows the dishonest behavior from the significant other. Prepare yourself for deception or unfaithfulness. The dream shows that you will break up with this person. The dream in which you were kicked by the donkey could show the consequences you will have, because of dealing with dishonest people. This situation will bring much stress for you. If the donkey was lead by the halter, then such dream shows the victory you will reach while dealing with your components. The results will be even better than you have expected them to be.

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