Drowning dream meaning

The dream, in which you see yourself drowning, represents some situation in your waking life that you are no longer able to manage. Perhaps you made some bad and unfavorable decisions and now do not know how to cope with it. The dream could also show that you get into things too fast without analyzing the consequences of your own actions. Consider to think twice before you start doing something, otherwise you may get drowned more than once. If you have drowned to death in a dream, then it shows the end of something. You must understand that it is no longer available to fix the situation. If you have saved yourself while being drowned, then such dream represents the realization in how to escape from unfavorable situation. If you see someone else drowning, then such dream shows the necessity for help that person is willing to get. On the other hand, this person could represent you and your desire to receive help. Perhaps you are unable to understand of who you are anymore. If you saved the person t hat was drowning, then it means you are able to recognize, analyze and solved your emotional issues.

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