DROWNING dream meaning

To dream one is drowning presages trouble, either domestic or financial, for the dreamer. To see someone else drowning portends misfortune, either from accidents (sometimes drowning, as actually seen in the vision), illness, or loss of money, but not always for the drowning person. This dream, I find, is a very common one. I have often seen in dreams friends of mine struggling desperately in some deep pool or river. Frantically I have plunged in to their rescue, but always too late, and, on sinking down, down, down, have at length come in contact with their cold, clammy corpses. Quite recently I dreamed I saw a near and dear friend fall shrieking into a seething, hissing pool of muddy water. In an agony of mind I tried to go to his rescue, but was held back by one of those cruel, invisible forces that ever haunt dreams. Desperately I struggled, but with no avail; and all the while I watched the ghastly, hideous terror in my friend’s upturned eyes and the increasing pallor in his cheeks. I saw him clutch and unclutched his fingers as he threw them wildly above his head and clawed the air; and then I beheld him sink — sink with one final, blood curdling scream for help that rang and re-rang through my brain as I awoke. The following day, I received a letter from this friend to say that he was in the greatest trouble owing to the illness of his youngest child; the doctors gave no hope of her complete recovery; they had unhesitatingly pronounced her a cripple for life. Often have I been drowning in dreams. The Thames has claimed my immaterial body times without number, and my frantic death-struggles have aroused the sympathy of scores of limb-tied spectators on Waterloo Bridge and the Embankment. Could anything on the material plane have been more painfully, more awfully realistic? The cold grey stones of the bridge, the swift –flowing water beneath — yes, ever so far beneath, miles beneath, until I took the plunge, and then — how near! A sensation of falling, of being half stifled by a hurricane of air rushing with cyclonic force up my nostrils, and the next moment — icy coldness, terrifying coldness, and down, down, down into a surging blankness, where all is the darkness of despair and death. And after every dream of this description I have experienced trouble — trouble, always trouble.

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