Flying dream meaning

If you are flying in a dream, then such dream indicates your desire for freedom. Perhaps you wish o get way from all of the responsibilities and duties you have in your waking life. If you were flying easily with happiness in your soul, then it means you are achieving the greatest results you could ever achieve. The way you were flying and the way you were controlling your wings, shows your ability to manage your own life. The dream in which you had difficulties to fly and stay focused on it, denotes to the hardships you are facing in your life while controlling the situation you are in. Perhaps you feel too weak to handle of the responsibilities you have. The dream could also show the lack of self belief, because you are not sure if you are able to do what you wished for. The dream suggests you to believe more in yourself and what you can achieve. The flying is something we are unable to do in your waking life, therefore the feeling after we wake up, stays very strong, because of the freedom and power we felt during the flight. Perhaps the dream is telling us that there is nothing we can do, especially if we really want it badly.

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