Friend dream meaning

If you see a friend in the dream, then such dream represents your waking life and the relationships you have with the people you are surrounded by. The dream shows that the people make the big influence to you and your personality. The friendships and relationships you have, made the person you are today. The dream about certain friends could also show how you wish to integrate the features of these people into yourself. If you see the friend from your past or childhood, then such dream shows that you have missed this certain person or you wish to be less responsible in your waking life and live carelessly. Perhaps you wish to become the child again and live the life without any responsibilities and duties. There is also a possibility that you are acting very childish in some situation, therefore you dream about the friend from your childhood. Perhaps the dream suggests you to become more serious about your behavior. If you are dreaming about the death of your friend, then such dream shows the features in your personality that is going away. The dream shows that you are no longer the same person you used to be. Time goes by and you are changing either.

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