Ghost dream meaning

When you dream about the ghosts, then such dream symbolizes the fears you have. This could be something unpleasant from your past, the current unhappy relationships and unexpressed emotions. The ghosts in dreams could indicate your fear of death. You are not feeling good about the fact that you will die. The ghosts could also indicate something you have no longer interested to. The ghosts in dream could indicate your inability to be down to earth. You do not understand the reality the way it is. If you dream of seeing a ghost ant trying to touch him, then such dream indicates your effort to understand some situation in your waking life even if subconscious mind of yours doesn’t want you to understand it. If you see someone you know in your waking life being a ghost, then such dream represents the bad qualities of that person. You should be aware of that and more careful while dealing with this individual. If you see the ghost of someone who is already dead, then such dream shows the guilt you are suffering from. Perhaps you did something unpleasant to that person. Alternatively, the dream could indicate how much you’ve missed this person, therefore you see him in the form of the ghost.

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