Hair dream meaning

Dream of having hair that are black, short and crispy, signifies sadness and misfortune. Hair that are well combed indicates friendship, and free time of troublesome matters. Hair that are messy means annoyances, sorrows, outrages and fights. Hair falling out loss of friends, ideas or your own identity. Dream of being unable to brush your own hair from knots, problems and long period of difficulties. Dream of having the hair as long as a woman, and in waking life you are a man, effeminacy and weakness will come on your way. Dream of having it longer and even blacker than usual, increase in honor and riches. Dream of having the hair thinner than usual, affliction and poverty. Dream of seeing it growing white an exhausted treasury, annihilation of fortune or wisdom. Seeing a woman all bald, poverty and sickness. Seeing a man without a hair, abundance, riches and health.

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