Hairdresser dream meaning

If you dream about seeing someone cutting your hair, then such dream represents new opportunities, chances in fresh start. If you are the hairdresser in a dream, then such dream indicates your view towards other people. On the other hand, being a hairdresser in a dream, could show the necessity to build your image in better way. The hairdresser in dreams could also be the symbol of your sexuality, especially if you dream about long, shiny and healthy hair. If you are the hairdresser and cutting your own hair in a dream, then it shows how you are looking after yourself mentally and physically. Being the hairdresser could also point to your desire to change something about yourself or those around you. If you dream that you see other person being at hairdressers, then it denotes to your opinions about that certain person. Overall, the dream about hairdresser is known as the symbol of changes, new perspectives and esthetic understanding about yourself or other people. To get more interpretation about your dream, please also see the meaning of Salon.

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