Heroism dream meaning

To dream that you participate in a heroic act or in a simple personal sacrifice or idealism, suggests that you can be easily influenced and prone to fall under adverse and dangerous situations. This is the case of the suicide bombers that are influenced by others and so they commit this type of sacrifice. People who often dream that they participate, in some way, in a heroic act, are not reliable persons because they suddenly change their minds, depending always on the people who approach them. To dream that you somehow sacrifice yourself implies that you’re a temperamental person and that you have a difficult to control character, i.e., you’re conflictive and contradictory, as you can be happy and sad or quiet and irritable at the same time. To dream that you eyewitness a heroic act usually indicates that you’re experiencing a failure, either sentimental or in your job or business. This dream seems to be an attempt to compensate or justify your daily frustration.

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