IDIOTS dream meaning

To extract any definite information from an idiot as to his dreams is next to impossible, and after many and sundry vain efforts I have had to desist. From what I have been told, however, by one who had charge of an idiot, the latter used very often to dream he was being chased by something alarming, that he was in danger of being drowned, and that he had all his toys taken from him. The idiot was often ill after the drowning dream, and very fretful and bad-tempered after dreaming he had lost his toys. The grimaces and noises he made in his sleep were generally more shocking than those he made when awake — often, indeed, most terrifying. Once, and that a day or two before he had an accident, he evidently dreamed he was flying, for he sat up in bed and flapped his arms up and down, emitting, as he did so, an odd crooning sound.

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