Key dream meaning

Perhaps you are trying to close yourself from all of the negativity you are surrounded by. Maybe you find it difficult to be open to other people. If you lost the keys in a dream, then such dream indicates about some position in your waking life which you’ve lost. Perhaps you are unable to manage it anymore. The dream, in which you’ve lost the keys could also symbolize some unwanted changes in your waking life. If you gave your keys away to someone else, then such dream shows the lack of responsibilities. You do not want to be in charge of some things. If you found the keys in a dream, then it shows some pleasant unexpected news. The dream could also indicate the solution you’ve found for some problem to be solved. If the keys which you see in the dream are broken, then it denotes to broken relationships and friendships. Perhaps something has torn apart even if you do not want it. If you hear keys rattling, then such dream indicates your right path you’ve chosen in your waking life. The dream shows that you are going on the right direction.

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