Loan dream meaning

(Borrowing | Charity | Lending money) Loaning someone something in a dream represents a charity to be paid to the borrower, or that in fact the lender will need something from the borrower. A loan in a dream also represents repentance of a sinner, or guidance for a heedless person. Loaning someone money in a dream also means generosity and giving due preference to others’ needs. Lending people money with generosity to please God Almighty in adream means spending money on God’s path. As for a sick person, being under the constraint of debts in a dream signifies further health complications. If a sick person sees himself in a dream borrowing to pay his loans, it means his death. If a borrower finds that his lender has died in a dream, it means relief from his stress. Signing a loan in a dream means being put under court restraint. (Also see Borrowing | Charity | Lending money)

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