MADNESS dream meaning

To dream of madness presages impending trouble of all sorts. Not infrequently the dream is, to a large extent, fulfilled. I well recollect a lady saying to me once: “I dreamed last night that my brother and I were sitting by ourselves in the breakfast – room, when, something making me suddenly look up at him, I perceived a curious glitter in his eyes — a glitter that made my blood run cold. Presently, he made the most frightful grimace, baring his teeth, bulging out his eyes and frowning, and then all his features contorted as if they were India-rubber, and I saw something too evil and repulsive for words. With a shriek of terror I sprang up and made a rush for the door, and as I did so he gave a loud chuckle and bounded after me, crying out:”I’m mad! I’m mad! Say your prayers, I’m going to chop you to pieces! I awoke in a dreadful fright, just as he caught me by the hair and was going to kill me. Within a week, I heard that he had softening of the brain and had to be confined in a private home.”

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